Joy For My Remnant Bride

Prophetic Word
Joy for My Remnant Bride
Linda Patterson

JesusMy Remnant Bride even as you have been tried and tested throughout the long winter season, My joy is about to chase you down. You have proven faithful and true and now I am going to elevate you into places of authority in your PROMISED LAND. What has looked like an unclear, hazy picture will suddenly be sharp and clear. Many questions will be answered as I wash away misunderstanding and confusion that has been in the hearts of family and friends, as they have observed your life and times.

Waves of joy shall radiate through you and wash over onto family, friends and fellow workers and out into the harvest fields. JOY and DELIGHT shall run together as a golden thread throughout the nations. It will be an antidote for the sorrow and despair that WAR will bring in the days ahead. Lift up your heart to Me for truly your morning is here.

Isaiah 51:11
The ransomed of the Lord will return. They will enter Zion with singing,everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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Warfare Precedes Promotion

Verna Brown

Many of you have felt a vehement wind of accusation come against you. Some of you have felt like you’re suffocating, or drowning.

Satan is familiar with your fears and weaknesses and he is trying to breathe his lies of death to your dreams and destiny. Don’t let him play on your fears or weaknesses.

Run into the presence of God. His strength is made perfect in your weaknesses. This will be your strongest season!

Satan will always try to suffocate the word God gave you with doubt, unbelief, and a myriad of cares and troubles. He wants the pain and sorrow to choke out the truth of what God has said.

Psalm 91He’ll always try to cause you to get stuck at a place of pain, instead of coming into a healed place. PRESS FORWARD.

He’ll always try to get you to rehearse your pain over and over until any memories of the victories God has given you are erased from your heart and mind. Don’t rehearse your pain, start rehearsing your victories, and declaring the TRUTH of what God has promised, regardless of what you’re currently seeing or feeling!

He’ll always lie to you and tell you God doesn’t care about you or your circumstances. He is a liar!

He’ll always try to get you to blame God for your circumstances, instead of thank God IN your circumstances, knowing that He is going to use it for your good!

He’ll always try to get you to believe God has abandoned you. That His promises cannot be counted on, or they’re not for you because you are struggling. He is a liar!

If he can’t get you to turn away from God and blame Him, he’ll always accuse you of sin, magnify your mistakes, and tell you that you deserve to be sick, bound, oppressed, because you’re such a sorry Christian. You’re not worthy to be used, or to go to the next level.

He’ll always tell you that your problems are to big for God to solve, or to small and that you’re wasting God’s time. He has bigger and better things to do than help you. He is a liar!

He’ll always tell you that your prayers are not heard, won’t be answered, and that you’re wasting your time praying, being persistent, and waiting around for God’s timing. He is a liar!

What he fears most is when you say, “devil you’re a liar. What He said is true. I trust God. I may not be able to avoid your fiery darts, but I have a shield of faith and I WILL EXTINGUISH THEM WITH IT. I’m not quitting. I’m not giving up. I’m going for the gold. I embrace His fiery trials and I’m coming out pure gold.

“Quit” is not in my vocabulary. See, He gave me a finisher spirit. He gave me HIS SPIRIT! He disarmed you at the cross, defeated and overcame you, and gave that same power to me. I’m not waiting for the victory, I’ve already got it.

Devil, just the fact that I’ve got your attention, proves that I’m a threat to you. You can’t stop me, you can’t block me, and you can’t keep me from what God has for me. I bind you, render you impotent, and command you to flee in the name of Jesus!”

My loves, God loves you, and satan hates and fears what God loves. God is watching over His word to perform what He has spoken. Don’t waiver in unbelief.

Your promotion is at hand! Gird up the loins of your mind, put on your helmet, breastplate, and belt of truth. Pick up your sword, and shield of faith. Stand up in your shoes of peace and FIGHT! You’re a victor and not a victim. You’re not overcome, you’re an overcomer.

The greatest battles always come before the greatest blessings! You’re about to be blessed and promoted! ONLY BELIEVE!

Verna Brown

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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Flowing With Holy Spirit In Kenya

Marvin and I are having a glorious time in Kenya – healings, deliverances, and a beautiful prophetic flow in the midst of God’s people in prophetic song and preaching. As Holy Spirit leads, we move out in a clear direction. The Spirit creates a path of light, love, revelation, grace and so much more. It is exciting times in the Kingdom of God!

Kenya Singing

Glorious, beautiful, wonderful adventure in Christ in Kenya. We are so happy to be back here. I know that it is a new day and all those years of wilderness training of breaking and trials is now being manifest in and through our lives. Our focus is Jesus Christ and Him alone. May He receive all the glory from our lives in this season.

May each of you reading this today, be blessed in the knowledge of Christ Jesus so that you know the depth of His love for each of you. May you seek His face so that His glory is manifest in your life in marvelous and exciting ways! Shine!

DebraLove in Christ,

This Is A Season of Realignment

Garris Elkins

This is a Season of Realignment

We have entered a season where some of you will have your lives and ministries realigned for greater impact. You are about to enter a new and unexplored future. A realigning must first take place before that future is experienced. This realignment will require a change of direction because the previous course would not bring you to the destination God has planned for your life. To experience the blessing and benefit of this realignment you will need to focus your efforts on a new and previously unseen horizon. This new horizon is where you will see the approaching manifestation of a fresh work of God’s Spirit.

Open RoadSome of the elements of this realignment will take place without your permission. You will simply be forced through circumstances beyond your control to align with a season of life you had never considered. This is where you will have the opportunity to live out Paul’s words to the Romans that tell us God can work out everything for our good – even in the middle of the whirlwind of a life-transition.

Because so much is happening that is unfamiliar you will want to control what is taking place. In His great love, God will not allow you to control this outcome. He is inviting you to a place of trust. This need to control is one reason why you are being realigned. God wants you to let go of your need to control every aspect of your life and return to the raw faith you once displayed when you relied on Him in a pure and childlike faith. You don’t need to have any of this figured out. Once this realignment is over it will make sense. Right now you simply need to know that God’s hand is on your life and He is leading you forward. You have nothing to fear.

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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My Church – Pay Attention and Regain Focus

Prophetic word by Jane Hamon posted on July 14, 2015:

During a time of prayer on Sunday morning I felt the Lord said the following to encourage His people in times of shaking. What do you hear the Lord saying?

cropped-cropped-shutterstock_38863681-11.jpg“I am asking My Church to pay attention in this season and regain her focus. For I am unfolding My Kingdom purposes in these days of shaking. Nothing takes Me by surprise! I am still on My throne and am still stirring My Church to an Awakening! Do not fear!!

“Haven’t I been speaking to you that My Church is living in the days of Isaiah 60: When darkness covers the earth & deep darkness covers the people… but have I not also promised that in the midst of that darkness I will rise on My Church and My glory will be seen on My Church? ….Then nations will come to that light and kings will come to the brightness of your rising! Do not fear!!

“Have I not also declared that I would turn the curse to a blessing for you because I love you? I have declared a time for Divine Reversals for you when I would turn things around for you. I am able to turn your mourning to dancing and your sorrow to joy! Do not fear!

live-with-passion-cuff-sterling-silver“You may see things in the earth getting darker, even shaking further …but My glory and power are arising for My people as never before. The darkness is growing darker but the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that is shining brighter and brighter to the full day! Do not fear!!

“This is a time which I have spoken of in which I would bring a distinction between those who are Christians in name only but deny the truth, power and practice of My Word, and those who are trusting Me, being conformed to My image and believing My truth will make them free. I am challenging your concepts of being a part of the American Church vs. being a part of the Kingdom Church! It is a time for stepping up your commitment to Me and choosing in to My Kingdom as never before. Do not fear!

“So do not be distracted by all that goes on around you. Stay focused! Stay determined! Remember what I have said to you! Never doubt in the dark what you heard in the light! It’s time for an Awakening! Your greatest days are ahead! Do not fear!”

Jane Hamon

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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