Moving IN TIME – in Faith or in Fear

ImageWe  live in time, move in time and are affected by the ‘times’. With that being said, it is necessary to see that the times that we live in can affect us in many different ways. IN TIME we can move in faith or in fear. I can see in my own life, I have done both and in writing this I want to expound a bit to encourage you. Walk on in this!

 I have made some bad decisions in my life and I conclude that some were made in fear and not in faith. Let me be gut level honest with you. I believe the current apartment we live in was a decision based on the fear of trying to save some money and ‘cheap it’ rather than step out in faith, and move into something different that God was pointing to at the time of our decision. My thoughts were founded in fear, not faith and from that, I made a less than desirable decision. How gracious God is that He moves through our seemingly wrong decisions and makes good of all of it!

In spending time before the Lord, contemplating that He works all things for good I realized that God can take time and the decisions that we make in time, even those made in fear, and work them for good. Onward in this!

God spoke these words to me which then started me on this journey of writing this down for all to see. He said:

Faith moves you in My time, fear moves you in man’s time.

Ouch! There you go! My mistake was simply that at that moment in the time of the decision, I moved in a fear of lack. What if I had moved in faith? Well, we would be living somewhere else, but not Valencia. Now please don’t tell me that God can change it or shift it for me. I know He can but I don’t believe He will because this is all working for something great and glorious and I can still move forward in this place. It’s not the end of the world but what a great lesson for MOI!

Decisions based upon the fear of not having enough money, not having this or that leaves you with a decision based on fear and out of the timing of God. (But remember, He works it for good so don’t fear. LOL!) Fear moves you into man’s timing of the what if’s, what can happen, why are you doing this? Fear causes you to move in lack, in constant worry, in turmoil, dissatisfaction and so much more. I worried because I entered into man’s timing of fear. I self-talked to myself with such things as:

You can’t really afford this extra $300.

What if there is no money coming in?

What if we can’t pay the rent?

What if?

What if?

What if?

What about faith? When decisions are made in faith, they are made from a relationship with a Father that loves you and wants only what is good for you. Faith brings you into the unknown where people may simply not understand. It is a risk and it stretches you beyond your level of understanding or trying to make sense of it all. I had to interject FAITH into TIME to walk into a realm of the unknown but a realm where God was leading me.

I am a woman of faith and so after I beat myself up for a few days I simply received God’s grace into the situation. I realized I was not perfect. Yes it’s true! Even after being a Christian for many years, I am so not perfect. (Said with a grin on my face! It’s a joke folks!) It was at that point I really learned some things, which will help me greatly in the future.

Some thoughts about decisions made in time – faith or fear? That is coming tomorrow. 

8 thoughts on “Moving IN TIME – in Faith or in Fear

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  2. I thank you for your transparency! God is truly amazing :)! And many times I’ve made some decisions that made me look quite foolish in the eye’s of man, but something deep down inside gave me a confirmation. And today I will testify that against all odds, I’m m living in the house and driving the car that God gave me. Amen! And in Jesus name I’m m about toy open the business by faith that He has given me the plan for. You are indeed a blessing and I appreciate you for sharing!!!!!

    • Thanks Ericka for you honesty too. I am so tired of the superficiality of Christianity at times. Yes I love the Body of Christ and I am a part of it, too but I desire, and have always desired to break free from the mundane and apathetic. I love just saying it for I know that in doing that, I can help people who feel that they have to be perfect or have it all together. We both know we don’t have to do that. Thank God for that! You go girl!

  3. Thank you so much for sending out this e-mail. I am in a season right now … I have prayed and prayed what to do, asked the Lord and somehow I am in a situation in my life, feels like having a deja vus of bad times from the past. and I can’t believe what is going on. WHAT LORD,ARE YOU SHURE THAT THIS IS THE WAY?!?! I am doubting, I feel like having no more Faith for anything.Right now I have lost the Hope that anything will ever change… I had Words that my handicaped daughter will be completely healed. For years and years I believed and I told everybody. Nothing.Family members of mine have died not seeing Carrie healed. I myself are getting old and NOTHING. Lost my older daughter when she was 13.SHe stayed with her father ih the US while I left with my handicaped daughter to live in Germany again. I missed my daughters Wedding and now I have a grandchild and she doesn’t know me. They came once to visit at x-mas but the little one was to small to remember. Feels like I lost everything.And I have really problems to still believe that God is a good God…..
    So thank you so much for the encouraging words.

    Greetings from Germany

    • It’s me again. I also got “Pleasing God” with this Word. So my comment came out of reading both Word’s (:
      Thank you and God bless.
      Marina from Germany

    • Hello Marina and thanks for your comments! I hear you and I am not just saying it, I hear you. I have lost my sister, my parents and at times I question a lot but deep within me, I look at what I perceive as injustice and realize that I just don’t have the answers for what occurs in life at times. So it is not that I take everything with a false smile and just pretend it is okay. Heck no! I go before the Lord and cry and shout and get angry at life. Yet I know and believe the unanswered questions do not diminish His love for us and we still trust Him, no matter what we see. I do not know why your life goes like this but I have been there in times past. When I relinquished total control of life and just focused on Him, I felt a distinct peace that entered my life. I don’t have the answers but I still believe God is great and I love Jesus Christ for He is reality. So I stand with you from afar and love you from afar and know you have a glorious future in Him. Just keep on walking!

    • Well I believe I lost what I just sent to you so here goes again. Thanks Marina for voicing your heart. I do not deny that when we speak from our heart, it is to be treasured and not destroyed through a glib comment or remark. Your comments are welcomed. I have walked in life with many unanswered questions and I have come down to believe this reality – I just keep on walking, trusting that He is good, faithful, kind, loving and worthy to be praised. Each time a question is not answered, I have a choice to be paralyzed in the unknown or to keep on walking and living, without bitterness, regret or fear. Your journey is not easy. I say that in sincerity. But I know there are good days and days where you may question everything about your life. Know that He is……..He is…………….

  4. Amen, I thank the Lord for answering my prayer. I was actually wondering if when I believe in faith then I should start thinking about being able to afford. God has actually answered my prayer. I will continue lifting my eyes unto the Lord and by faith, I will receive my provision, protection and favor in Jesus Name!! Faith can move mountains, faith can make a way where their seems to have no way, faith can change situations!!! I pray that the Lord will give us a child like faith where we will always depend and trust in Him only who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith……

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