How Do You See Your Time?

ImageI can’t go back in time to redo my life. But I do see that God can and does redeem my time by establishing me in faith in the now and in my future in Christ. The past may be less than what you have wanted it to be but you have a glorious now and a glorious future. See it through eyes of faith, not fear.  No matter what your past looks like, you and I have a glorious future in Christ even though the “now” may have you doubting that at times or even walking in fear and worry.

Faith, right now, moves you in time with God in Christ. Fear moves you in time also but it moves you out on a collision course with the sound of the world – fear, negativity, anxiety and so much more. Who are you going to listen to?

So rise up in faith – not faith in faith but faith in He who is faithful, Jesus Christ. In time right now, cultivate a listening ear to move to His sound that directs you on a path that is the way, the truth and the life. In that reality, your days in time, no matter what you are facing are filled with eternity and the realm of the supernatural. Don’t forget you are body, soul and spirit – supernaturally living in a natural world! So walk on! Now.

Some days I have felt as if I am wandering through time, with very little impact day to day. Step by step, same ole’ same ole’ with no significant change. Those are the days that I question my purpose and destiny. Immediately, as I look to Him, I am set on a corrected path of revelation in love. He shows me how very ‘off’ I am in my perception of my life in time. When I submit my time to His time and realize that I am seated in heavenly places, my perception of my now and my future radically changes.

Time is trying to trap people right now in fear. You can get trapped or paralyzed IN TIME if you listen to the sounds coming from the world.  Faith lifts you up and out of fear in time. In fact, it lifts you up to see by a different perspective for you are seated in heavenly places right now, as you are here in time. Live from that perspective and move in that reality!

Chaos abounds all around us each day as we move in time in the midst of the world. Many days we are confronted with realities that test our faith. Jobs are lost, marriages disintegrate, finances dwindle, and families are strained. The ‘what if’ possibilities override our faith in His possibilities for our lives. No matter what we see or hear, He IS faithful. Walk on and align your journey to the sound of His voice in faith that He leads you right where you are supposed to be. It’s a matter of trust and not fear. 

2 thoughts on “How Do You See Your Time?

  1. Amen…. Fear and focusing on ourselves will keep us wandering in time. Faith and Trust in Him will keep us moving forward from glory to glory in His time.

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