Our Focal Point – Christ Jesus

ImageLet me say that I am on a journey in grace in Christ. Along the way, I process some things and then I write. I have not arrived for it is a journey but I have decided to keep my focal point, at all times, the reality of the person of Christ.

Many are saying today, and I have also done this, that we are suddenly coming into the revelation of grace. I have read that many, not all, say that grace has become real and alive to them over the past two years. I have also said this. Yet, grace has always been here in the person of Jesus Christ so I have not cornered the market on this revelation. So in humility, I accept the fact that many have gone before me in years past and will come after me, with eyes wide open to the glorious revelation of grace in the person of Christ. I enter the journey that did not start or will not stop with me. That puts a perspective on things to avoid any sort of self-righteousness that implies there are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’.

Let me say this. I am speaking from my own experience in this to gain a clearer perspective but you can apply it to your own life. Many in the prophetic, revival, charismatic, prayer ‘movements now and in years past moved along in a measure of self-righteousness, often walking in a way that showed we ‘had it’ – the gifts, vision, the revelation of the Holy Spirit, and more. We touted our superiority through conferences, books, internet sites and more. I saw this lauded over our brothers and sisters in other denominations or faith beliefs at times. It would be accurate to say that we believed our way was ‘THE way’. We often made them feel they were not as advanced as we were in our understanding of the Holy Spirit.  Revivals were held in large conference centers stating that they would usher in the next great move of God. So a tower was built in the midst of the movement that rose so high that it finally IMPLODED on itself for one reason – the foundation was cracking under the weight of the pressure of man’s pride. The main focus of Jesus Christ was usurped and overtaken by other ‘stuff’.  It’s easy to forget that all of prophecy rests on the testimony of Christ Jesus. (Revelation 19:10) He is the main focal point.

So now I am just wondering and observing and thinking and processing. In comes grace but in reality, grace has always been here in the person of Christ Jesus. Many before us have had it revealed to them, walking in it, and lived in union with Christ long before we ‘caught it’ over the past 2 years. So in grace, I believe that I am entering a journey that started long before me and will continue long after I am gone. I just want to stay clear of division, self-righteousness, or forming camps, as is naturally human nature. It is in us to be a bit self-righteous at times when we are on the forefront of what we perceive to be new and fresh and exciting.

Camps start forming, conferences flow, and books are written. It starts taking on a form of its own – grace, grace, and grace. A tower may be built to grace to emphasize this is a new movement. Look at it as it stands tall and strong. It promises freedom from guilt and condemnation. It flows along so clear and strong until, it also can implode on itself when the foundation starts to crack under the pressure of man’s wisdom and man’s desire for reputation and honor. The focal point of Jesus Christ is again usurped by man’s desire to be known and honored. Jesus is sidelined and man goes on again in the name of grace. Grace becomes the focus in and of itself. Here we go again. When Jesus is not our focal point, we are destined to fail. I want to remember this.

Why write this? Because this is how I see things and at the age I am at right now, I have seen things come and go over my years as a Christian. But only one thing remains – Jesus Christ. It is best to keep the main thing the main thing. I am not being negative or condemning but just challenging all who are having their eyes unveiled to the reality of grace to walk in grace, extend grace to others, and to focus on the reality of grace, Christ Jesus. Just some thoughts today to keep a right perspective on all of this.

Romans 12:3 For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.


2 thoughts on “Our Focal Point – Christ Jesus

  1. still baffles my brain sometimes, that “he loves me anyways”. He has said over the years ” I could never hate you”, and recently “I will always love you”.

    • He love you. Saying that over and over and over. Grace is so powerful for by having the Lord reveal grace to you and through you, you will walk with a desire to be close to Him. Long ago when I was involved in a denomination that continually pressed holiness, repentance and sin I never saw the reality of grace. I used to constantly repent and never felt like I got it right. Now I know that I am not a sinner for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross did the work. But each day brings its challenges where i miss the mark. Then what do I do? I run to God and turn to Him in the revelation that He NEVER withdraws His love from me. Never. I admit my mistake, my attitude and see that He sees me as His child. I receive His love and rather than vowing not to do it again. I see my imperfection and rest in His love for me.

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