A Bridge of Reconciliation On The Journey!

ImageOn my journey in Christ, I climb mountains, go through valleys, and travel through good times and bad times. In Christ,  He leads me on a way- in life. The manifestation of grace in my life, in the person of Christ, is varied and unique in each person.

John 14:4 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

This is a visual picture, a story to be followed, to see how grace can be a bridge of reconciliation. I am not talking about salvation but about reconciling your past with your present. Trying to find answers to unanswered questions.

Do you feel that grace is a constant that takes you on a journey that is predictable because you have come into its revelation? Absolutely not! I have not arrived. Grace is constant, real and true and it is a moving journey. None of us have arrived and we are traveling on a path in Christ.

Sometimes my grace journey takes me through flat terrain in the Spirit without great challenges or turmoil. These are days where I experience a tangible rest. On these days, there are no altercations and peace is the order of the day, or month, or even year.

Sometimes a grace journey takes me up mountains where rest seems to evade me. I am climbing into something new and I can easily get out of breath if I attempt to go up without learning that without Christ, I can do nothing. Il get weary and tired. At these times, I am taught to trust God for strength and fortitude. I learn about rest in a different, a new way.

Other days a grace journey takes me to places where I have to cross a bridge to get to the other side. I have to come to terms with what I have walked through in life by simply trusting Christ Jesus for it all to make sense. Or perhaps it will never make sense. Trust Him.

It is difficult at times to reconcile my past with my present, where I now stand in time. In other words, questions arise in my life that never seem to have answers. What was it all for? Standing now in time, there are areas where I simply have no understanding as to why I went through what I went through in my life. Why? How come? The heart asks so many questions. I ask. Do you?

On my journey in grace, I come to a bridge that will lead me over to a different place in life. That bridge presents itself when I have to realize that some of those questions will never be answered. What am I going to do? Will I stand in one place or will I reconcile my past with my present by simply realizing something?  I don’t know why I went through what I went through. I may never know.

Grace in the person of Christ says something simple. “Will you trust me?” That question, left unanswered, may leave me standing at the bridge for a long long time. Perhaps some of us are still there waiting for answers that we may never receive.We are anchored to past events, past hurts, past ______. Just fill in the blanks for your own life.

My ‘need to know’ why things happen as they do may never be fully satisfied. Unanswered questions remain unanswered and if I can’t let go and move forward, I may walk in life but my heart will be anchored in another time and another place.

I read on Facebook about grace – glorious victorious awesome empowerment made available to all who put their trust in Christ. Cross the bridge in grace, in Him. Forgive, let go and move on. Life moves on with or without you. Move. I don’t want to see you still waiting and standing at that bridge forever.

I look back at times and see that I simply don’t understand my life at times. Unanswered questions abound. My journey in faith suddenly puts me before this same bridge again. I walk on it and trust He who is trustworthy, Christ Jesus.

Reconcile your past by seeing the reality of the questions that overtake your heart NOW.  Cry, grieve, get angry, yell or shout. Then turn and look at Him calling you forward in His grace. Trust Christ Jesus. Look forward and walk. A simple solution – trust Christ Jesus.

Too simplistic for you? My life is filled with the same unanswered questions. I look back and then I look at Him. I trust Him to lead me forward. Forgive. I forgive others and even myself. I seek no closure to some injustices in my life. He is enough. Simple and true.

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