My Lesson While Watching Project Runway

ImageI believe we can hear God speak to us through many diverse and quirky situations, giving us insight that will change our lives. So if I’ve grabbed your attention, read on.

Years ago, I was in fashion design school. I sewed, draped, sketched and engaged in cultural observation to enhance my creative process. I watched and observed and learned. I always considered myself creative and this was one of my outlets for my creativity. I don’t sew anymore nor am I a fashionista but I do watch Project Runway. I look at the clothes and deconstruct them in my head. More importantly, I watch it because I love the creative process and how people express themselves through not only clothes, but through cooking, art, technology, film and so much more. I absolutely love it.

Quirky is me! I was lost in religion but grace is bringing me into a newfound creative freedom that religion thought it had stripped from me. Oh God, how you always get the last word.

Now about grace and its expression and what I learned from Project Runway.  Follow this scenario that has been played out in many of the shows.

The judges say “Go into the city and get inspiration from the architecture. Translate that inspiration into a garment that shows us who you are! Be inspired! Create!” After hours of seeing New York through a creative lens, they come back to the workroom to translate their creative vision into a designed garment.

Inevitably there is one person who creates something from a literal interpretation in their vision. Their garment actually looks like the form of the Empire State Building with pointed studded shoulder pads looking like the tower with ornate buttons going down the front. And to make things worse it is in a glaring silver fabric. Michael Kors, with his caustic wit, rips them to shreds because creative expression does not normally flow forth in literal interpretation.

Creativity flows forth from a person’s life and all its fullness – how they see things, their upbringing, where they lived, went to school and so much more. They see and from the inspiration of what they see, their life flows in created design. The design flows through the heart before it actually is formed into a garment. Are you following me?

Change the scenario. Christ says to us, “Go into the city, the nations, the world and BE My creative expression of grace. Your foundation is firmly established on the finished work of the cross and all that has been accomplished in me. You are rightly prepared so express ME through your very lives! Do this wherever I have placed you. Don’t put Me in a box. I have set you free to BE as me, wherever you are.”

Inevitably, because of the cloning and mass marketing of religious indoctrination, many go forth and walk in a literal interpretation of what it means to be a Christian. They flow forth parroting the latest prophetic word. They hand out tracks in rote evangelism. They quote Scripture that they learned from their daily Bible reading. This is exactly like the designer above who did not pull from the depths of their heart to design but rather simply looked at something and designed what they saw BUT they really did not see.

God desires us to express His grace, flowing forth from a sure foundation in our lives. What does the Lord want us to do? Christ in me, Christ in you, in union with Christ.  Our freedom of expression is as unique and diverse as our experiences in life in Christ. Why are Christians at times so lackluster and devoid of creativity? So robotic and cloned. Because they don’t really know who is in them.

There is a dynamic that is going to come forth in grace based upon creative expression. Those who flow in teams, vision, and revelation will be awakened to BE the Body of Christ. Grace will introduce us to a wide frontier of expression with our focus on Christ Jesus.

I don’t want to be cloned or robotized into grace, if that were even possible. Just sayin’ here! Grace is my foundational starting point and the path before me is my walk of creative expression. I pray you are getting this and I would love to hear from you. You may be able to expand on this even farther than I have gone in this blog.

So how do I walk in this in my daily life? I am visual and expressive but as I have said, religion tried to kill the very life of Christ in me and through me. In my 50’s I am just getting started again in new and fresh ways for me. Digital Photography classes, Final Cut classes, and writing classes. This is all taking me into a new frontier where the possibilities are limitless in Christ. Follow me on this journey of creativity and let’s see where it takes us! More is coming. I am just getting started. J

6 thoughts on “My Lesson While Watching Project Runway

  1. This is so true 😀 many times I feel trapped by the “assingments”. If someone asks me to, say, make a video about leaving, I immediately start thinking what would they expect me to do, what would they want me to do. But that’s not my creativity, that’s trying to use someone else’s creativity and make it mine (copying, just as you said) and it will always end up poorly… So what I need to do instead is not pay attention to what someone might possibly think and focus on what’s coming out of me. Thanks for writing this 🙂

    • Thanks Jenna………you are absolutely right. The pressures and demands to conform to another’s opinions actually zaps our creativity. Creativity flows and whether working alone or in a team, there should always be a flow. BUT it is also good at times to get assignments for that teaches you how to also flow in creativity. When working in the realm of an assignment, you also have to take the parameters of the assignment and use your creativity within those parameters. We would love to be in and of ourselves and create but life is lived in the context of being with others, working with others, and that is reality.

  2. Wonderful analogy of the free flowing life force of God through out all of His creation… what grace. Only God can shine, as He masterfully does, through so many fractures and bends of His likeness. I literally felt my spirit lifted, and felt myself become more free to flow in my creativity as I read your analogy, …and I too, watch Project Runway from time to time. 🙂

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