What’s Within The Sound?

listen.520Words hold meaning. Something that is said often reveals that there is something within the sound of the words that holds a deeper meaning than what is actually being said. There is a sound within a sound and if we listen we may even hear what is flowing forth.

Words spoken: “I don’t care what people think.” This is spoken but often what is meant is something like this, “I do care what people think but I will never admit it. Why? Because I am tired of being rejected for who I am. I am angry because of people judging me. I don’t want to put myself ‘out there’ because if it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

Words spoken: “Do you love me? I mean, do you really love me?” This is spoken but often what is meant is something like this, “I need you to fill that void in me that says I am unlovable. Please fill that and show me that someone will love me, finally, for who I am. Just tell me I am worthy to be loved.”

There are sounds within sounds. Are you getting this? Our words may actually mask the reality of hurt, pain, insecurity, anger, or any number of wounds that exist within us. Our words betray us as they flow from the depth of our being.

Religion has a sound that flows forth from the heart of man – man’s wisdom, performance, conditional love, and more. That sound flows forth with what appears to be good intentions. The sound issues forth in commands from denominations, church leadership, and many other ways. This sound subliminally may call you to DO, to ACHIEVE, or to PERFORM in order to get something from God.

It could be subliminal in the message or even outrightly spoken. I am talking about the sound within the sound.  The sound within the sound of good intentions to BE a good Christian had at its source a performance based mentality. Week by week, we may have heard it and we copied the sound in the words that flowed forth from us for that is what we were taught. Our words betrayed what is in our own hearts, often seeking to be loved and accepted but hooked into the subliminal religious message. DO something to BE something more! We were cloned to religion’s sound and we ourselves did not know the void in our own hearts that betrayed us when we spoke.

Yet what about grace. What is the sound of grace? When grace is spoken what do we actually hear? We hear freedom, love, mercy, acceptance, beauty, glory etc. etc. Those are the words that come forth from walking in the reality of grace. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Yet, what is the sound within the sound of this wonderful grace. It is the person of Christ Jesus. Not a program. Not an agenda. Not traditions of man. Christ in you. The simplicity of His life in you, in me. He is the sound within the very sound we bring forth. Our heart speaks forth the eternal reality that I am in Christ. That is simple and forthright and true. It is the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ that flows from a life transformed by the eternal reality of grace.

Do you see what I am saying? How much we have changed. I can hear but do I listen? I hear people talk but the reality of their words betray what is in their hearts. When a religious person talks without intimacy in Christ, there is often an emptiness, a void, a cloning that is devoid of life. Many speak, constantly speak – words words words words. I can no longer debate about the words because the sound that comes forth is a masking of the reality of their hearts. AND…..only God can change a heart.

Speaking words seasoned with grace. The foundational sound that echoes in my heart forms my words and they build up and edify and sometimes challenge and confront. Yet I don’t have to defend them because they are truth. I stand in their reality. Do you see this? Jesus is the sound that echoes forth in my sound. And, He actually does that creatively through a life lived in the reality of His life. So when I speak it is how I see Him, and view grace, and see life. The sound within the sound of my words don’t betray a heart that is lost, unloved, seeking but never finding. I am in Him. The sound of my words speak forth my journey in grace – the eternal reality of being positioned in the finished work of the cross while journeying in the experience of it all.

Now this is my post for the day. Sometimes I can get a bit spiritual but I am seer-like in how I see things while at the same time being a bit practical too. Both sides of the brain are working. Today I am asking you to think on this and let it take you further. There are not clear answers but I have spoken into your journey.


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