Day to Day – Intersections and Crossroads

ImageGrace is reality and reality is played out on the world stage every day in each of our lives. Anytime our life intersects with another life, we are grace to that person, that situation, that circumstance – we are life in Christ, right then and right there. We cannot take for granted that humans have the innate propensity to be awakened to truth but then what? Truth can be so internalized in a subjective life that it is lived out day by day within the person but actually never flowing out of the person. That is impossible for me in grace. That is why in my life I continually see grace as moving and the BEING becomes the river flowing out of my life. That makes for exciting Christianity. The awesome reality that the person of Christ within me flows forth from me. Think about it, if we are even able to comprehend it at all. It is best to just trust it and walk it and live it as reality.

In our lives, we encounter GRACE INTERSECTIONS day by day, where the reality of grace flowing out of us by the person of Christ in us intersects with someone or some situation entering our circle of life in Christ. There is nothing to do at this point but to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us to speak, prophecy, listen or any number of ways to move in grace, into the realm of what is right before us.

Our lives intersect with another. At that point we should all give a large shout because that means that we are not on Facebook. Glorious! Christianity in raw action, not within the controlled environment of Facebook but alive and about with anyone, any belief, any situation, at any time. It’s called life in grace and I love it. This challenges me and activates me as Christ ‘LIFES” me.Image

John 14: 6 Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

When we encounter a grace intersection, there are brief moments where we are given the opportunity to show forth the living way, the person of Christ. In times past, I would look at people and see an opportunity to engage my inner prophetic library of possible solutions. Should I prophecy, break generational curses, shout a deliverance prayer, or counsel them on the benefits of self-focus and years of inner healing seminars? Yes, I know, that is a bit strong? A wee bit? Can I please say that? I can’t hear you so I will. Yet I do believe it needs to be said, in grace of course. I did it all but I have found a better way, a more excellent way. His name is Jesus and there in is my source, my supply and my provision.

ImagegWhen there is a grace intersection, real life people, I am face to face with their reality. I can see struggle, pain, anger, sin, imperfection, self-loathing, anger and on and on and on. I can see by Holy Spirit showing me. I then wait on God to direct and lead me by Holy Spirit to grace another with the glorious reality of His love for them. And, I may do it in various ways of expression towards that person. You can be assured of one thing in this though. Christ will get all the glory and be the sole focus of their healing, their salvation, and the reconciliation. I will move over and let grace flow and come alive in and through me. Grace in action is so glorious in comparison to grace reaction, which is what I see on Facebook a lot of the times. Inner squabbling and debate back and forth and back and forth. Enough already. Time for us to move out in grace or at least it is for me. I don’t want to call it evangelism. It’s better than that. It is Christ’s life “lifing’ me. Is that even a word? If not, it is now. Christ ‘lifes’ me and I love the irregularity and the tension of it all. Awesome Christianity in raw form is so good.

1 thought on “Day to Day – Intersections and Crossroads

  1. Amen, Amen, Amen. Great words!!! (but will you read them????) If Christ is as He said… The Way, the Truth, and the LIFE….. then it is onle He that must “LIFE” us as we allow Him (GRACE) to flow from us….. It is so easy for many to “PREACH” grace and then when an intersection comes to allow grace to flow, they instead call out “Biggot”, Racist, threaten then person, Talk about the person on FACEBOOK, etc. They are quick to talk the talk but slow (if ever) to truly walk the talk. What is so sad is that those who talk the talk and do not walk the talk usually have the biggest following while those that Walk the talk are usually overlooked Just as Christ was overlooked for speaking the truth. Why? Probably because people are people and many do not want to see what in reality is happening since they may be looking in a mirror. GRACE is not a “Movement”…. Grace is an ACTION… Jesus Christ….

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