Living in a Hut in the Shadow of a Palace

ImageLiving in a Hut in the Shadow of a Palace

A Story of Utmost Importance – At Least to Me

Part 1

(I have decided to write a story. Find yourself in this story if you have questioned God, lost hope, lost vision and actually seem to be overall lost in the course of life at times. It is a story where you can be the main character. It can be your story as it is my story. It is a story of waiting for a promise that seems long in coming while all around you are those who seem to be passing you by at lightening speed. See where we go as we venture into this story of utmost importance, at least to me.

This story developed from my desire to be creative and will be written day by day and I pray you follow along with me. It came about because one day I was reading of some other ministries. In the course of reading it seemed that they had it all – networks forming, international travel, kingdom advancement and so much more. In fact I felt lost in my own insignificance by just reading of their endeavors. I felt nothing could ever come of my own life. In the course of my own musing, I saw a vision and hence this story. I was living in a mundane minimalist hut in the shadow of a grand palace. Be blessed and enjoy this journey. Where will it take us? I am not sure. How long will this story be? I am not sure. But, enjoy the journey.)

ImageThere is a woman who lived in a hut of minimalist proportions smack dab next to a palace of gargantuan extremes. Each day she woke up to the shadow that the palace cast upon her mediocre lifestyle. It was as if the shadow itself reveled in its superiority of its own position. That indeed is condescension of the utmost proportions.

The very shadow of the palace placed her in a very insecure position of having to ask God some very important questions, day by day. She always felt as if God was weary of her questions, which sprang forth from deep desperation in her heart. But, she asked anyway. Why? Because she loved Him and she knew, despite all outward circumstances, He loved her. So she asked.

“God why do I have to live always waiting for the simplicity of a promise while others seem to walk in unlimited favor of their secured blessings? God, each day I wake up to the reality of those who walk through palatial estates of grandeur and blessing living right next door to me. The very shadow of the palace has the audacity to block the sunshine from shining into my meager hut. What more do you want from me? I live in the most minimalist conditions contributing to my own boring life. Where are you God? And, by the way, why are they allowed to get everything and I seemingly have nothing?”

This cry, from the depths of her heart, took form and shape each day in questions that seemed to have no apparent answers. The sight of the palace itself stirred up feelings of insecurity and rejection deep within her. It seemed that the inhabitants of the palace could do nothing wrong. It appeared they had everything they wanted and more. It seemed that whatever they touched turned to gold. At least, that was how she perceived it from her wounded soul.

So each day, downcast and discouraged, she approached God with questions that proceeded forth from fear and insecurity. And each day, she heard the same answers from God; only they were not answers but questions.

Daughter, do you trust me? Do you love me? Will you follow me?”

Upon hearing these questions to her questions, she cried out in more frenzied desperation and fear, “But God, this does not answer the questions that I asked. Why God? Why?”

Yet all that followed was only silence. The silence was deafening to her ears. Day by day, because of the rising and setting of the sun, the shadow continued to cast its presence from the palace over her hut, blocking out the sun. It was so strong and so invasive. Some days she simply could not stand the atmosphere of her own hut let alone looking at the palace each day. She felt trapped in her own life.

The only reason to keep going was so simple and pure. She loved her Lord. That love kept her sane and sensible with small seeds of hope. Day turned into night. Night turned into morning and the cycle repeated itself. More questions answered with questions. What, indeed was the purpose to all of this?

The minimalist hut stood in the shadow of the palace of gargantuan proportions and nothing seemed to change. So she set out to conquer her mundane tasks while it seemed that others were concerned with mightier and weightier matters. Or so it seemed to her wounded soul. She sighed a deep breath and simply lived out her day. 

13 thoughts on “Living in a Hut in the Shadow of a Palace

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  3. Reblogged this on One of the Rivers and commented:
    I want to share this amazing story with you. This story reveals deep feelings and thoughts of heart. I am sure many of us can relate to this. I can and it’s ministering me. There is 6 more parts to read, so after reading this one go to the original blog and keep reading. And follow to hear the rest of the story.

  4. Awesome how this fits to so many that are in the shadows or behind stage. So many focus on the outside instead of looking to the inside (in the shadows or behid the stages). On the outside they see the palace and since it is so grandeur they believe those in the Palace have more to offer than those in the shadows or behind the stage when in reality God has more for them if they would open their eyes and ears to the shadowed ones. Waiting to read more.

    • Hello Marvin & Debra! Nice to see your comments on here too Marvin! It’s interesting to see where individuals relate to this story. I can relate to it on different levels, and I see the parables and wisdom flowing forth! This is very healing to a lot of people, (including me). Keep up the Creativity! God Bless! Numbers 6:24-26 to everyone! JimF-CalgaryAB-Canada

    • This woman sounds so much like me and what I am going through…other then I feel so guilty when I ask Him questions that I immediately repent and think I have done something wrong, so I am scared to even listen for the answer when I do ask. “Daughter, do you trust me? Do you love me? Will you follow me?” Those questions spoke to the core of my heart today and I released a flood gate of tears. Thank you for sharing your journey as it has encouraged me as I am not the only one on this road. God bless, sis, and I will be following.

      • Do not, do not, do not and again I say do not ever feel guilty about being yourself to God. BE YOU! Please hear me. God loves you and loves to hear your heart. He can take it – the frustration, the anger, the regret, the loss of hope……..He created you and He knows you. When you show your heart as it is, not as you think it should be, Your Father, who loves you, holds you tight and walks you through it and gets you to the other side. Trust me. I could not be writing this story if the journey into the future of the story does not get better. It always does. Love you, your honesty and your heart.

      • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am very open with Him, but I felt like I was complaining and that would mean I didn’t trust Him, so I would stifle my emotions in the area of waiting on His promises. I cannot explain how this story has touched me to the core of my heart and I have cried a river! It was as if He was saying…it is okay, He sees and He knows, so I just let all me emotions flow. I was just telling a good friend of mine that I was feeling some sort of way and I prayed that the Lord give me a word because I wasn’t sure what it was…it was anguish of my soul and hope deferred. Thank you again for sharing, this truly has blessed and healed my soul today.

      • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of us have to take off the glasses of law and allow the Lord to unveil who He is in Grace. In Grace, God loves us unconditionally and we are righteous in Christ. It takes time for those who have been under any kind of law or religion to come out to freedom. The Gospel is a message that almost seems too good to be true but in effect it is that good and it is true.

    • Thanks so much Jenna…….I am loving it. More, so much more coming. Want to movie this, camera this and so much visual in time. This is just the beginning. Love you

  5. This story sounds all too familiar for me! I am enjoying “The Journey” with you. I am alongside you, and The LORD on this path! Keep up the Creativity! God Bless! Numbers 6:24-26 to everyone. JimF-CalgaryAB Canada

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