A Mundane Life – That’s All It Is! Part 2 of Living in a Hut

Living in a Hut In the Shadow of the Palace Next Door

A Mundane Life – That’s All It Is!

Part 2

Mundane: humdrum; dull; boring; monotonous; tiresome; wearisome; unexciting; uneventful; repetitive; routine; ordinary; run-of-the-mill; ho-hum.

The course of the day for the woman living in a hut in the shadow of the palace next door settled into a mundane routine of tedious tasks, chores, and responsibilities. None of this routine was extraordinary or exciting to her. She cleaned her house, washed clothes, food shopped, read books, watched TV, listened to music, and took up some appropriate hobbies. Often her thoughts wandered into more questions.

“Is this the greatness of the calling on my life that has been prophesied over me for so many years? Is this all there is? Surely there has to be more. What about the prophecies? Traveling. Preaching. Prophesying. Lord, do you remember that it was YOU who gave me Rivers of Eden? Did you forget that? I did not ask for it. You gave it to me. What does a 59-year-old woman do that has tried to obey God her whole life and yet no matter what she does, nothing seems to happen? Nothing at all, Lord.”

ImageAfter the questions, the day still presented itself before her with no apparent change. So her only alternative was to return to the mundane just to keep herself busy. If she did not do something, anger and bitterness would set in along with a dose of envy and jealousy.

With tears in her eyes she tried to prove to God that she needed nothing but Him as she tended to her mundane life. With each passing day, she had to convince herself that she would be happy with whatever plans God had for her life. On the outside she tried to just make it through the day without losing hope. On the inside she felt trapped in nothingness without any means of escape. She could hide this from everyone but she could not hide the turmoil of her soul from God.

ImageEach day she looked out the window and saw the magnificence of the palace right before her. It stood as an apparent testimony to God’s favor on the palace people. The lives lived in the palace were exciting and extraordinary, filled with abundant life. Book deals, conferences, and television appearances were some of the perks of the palace. The palace people seemed to have it going on. They seemed to be so……so………so…….perfect. These thoughts were justified in her heart as she turned her gaze from looking at the palace to seeing the reality of her mundane life in the hut.

In desperation and frustration, the cry of her heart took on a different declaration. She simply found herself saying over and over “Lord give me life! I need life! I want to live!” There were days where she felt as if she could not live the life that was before her. She often cried out to God, “Lord either fulfill the promises or take them away. I can’t bear to live like this anymore. My heart hurts Lord. My faith is dwindling right before my eyes.” Only those close to her saw the extreme anguish of her soul.

When promises seem long in coming and when times goes by in repetitive wearisome beats and when each day seems to take you further and further into obscurity, one simply loses hope. The woman lost hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. She failed to see that there was a lesson to all this madness. Her eyes were blinded to the reality that there was a purpose to her mundane life.

ImageWhat does one do when there is really nothing much to do? The woman had waited for so long to see this vision from God come to pass. In standing in the reality of the promise, years had passed and she felt passed over and forgotten. She had kept her eyes on the promise and when nothing seemed to materialize, she felt unqualified to do anything else. She felt out of sync with her own life in time. 

7 thoughts on “A Mundane Life – That’s All It Is! Part 2 of Living in a Hut

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  2. I love what your’re doing here! How many times have I been here in this life… many …many times. Coming to some conclusions about His love being something that flows through each of us and EACH of us is a vital vessel in the body. Some parts are covered, some are for being known. ALL parts hold the BODY together for it’s eternal purpose. But don’t we all long to be like Him? Don’t we all long to please Him? Obedience is all He asks of us. He already knows what we are capable of. As for me, I enjoy being a partaker of the mind of Christ. What a rich reward!

    • Thanks Gayle. For a long time, God has been prompting me to write stories and parables of some type. I have 100% avoided it for many reasons. But his one just started to flow and I know God is extending lots of grace to me because there is this book that is in my heart for years that will come after this. Thanks for the response for I know it is dear to your heart and dear to mine because your words speak life.

  3. I am so enjoying all your posts here on this site, Debra. So real….so genuine, and I no that many can relate to the story and emotions involved. People need to hear this stuff. They need to know that everything they feel and are experiencing is ok and that in it all, God is still there. I listened to a message by Mike Miller on “Been there, done that”. I thought, going into the message that it was going to be about us…having been there done that, but it was about the Lord having been there in every situation of our lives before they actually happened. He never left us alone, but went ahead to make a way through. I so appreciate your heart Debra….and I am so enjoying readings from your site. Blessings!

  4. Wow, as I read this, I saw the question “Can one have faith in something but loose hope that it will happen” flash before my eyes. I then saw the following: There were five people standing around ten chairs. In order (of which you were to choose last), each person was to choose a chair and sit in it. Of the five people only you confessed to know God. All five were told that the chairs may or may not hold their weight when they sat down. They were told that all the chairs were exactly the same. All had hope that the chair they chose would hold their weight and not break when they sat down. While praying and asking for protection the one that believed God only heard the answer you stated in part 1 “Daughter, do you trust me? Do you love me? Will you follow me?” As the first person chose a chair and sat down, the chair crashed to the floor and everyone laughed out loud. The second person sat down and the chair seemed to hold their weight but as they tried to cross their legs, it also crashed to the floor. A little less laughter this time. The hope of the remaing three that the chairs would hold their weight began to lessen. The third person sat down and, like the first, the chair broke immediately. No laughter this time. Hope of the chair supporting the weight lessened dramatically. When the fourth person chose a chair, they sat and the chair again crumbled. After four others have already fell with broken chairs, would you still have faith in God with regards to the question He asked? Would your hope still be present that the chair would hold you? Could you have faith to trust God and follow Him yet have no hope of the chair holding you because all others broke? Would you chose a chair and sit in it? Would hope deferred make your heart sick enough to not chose a chair and sit? OR would you continue by choosing a chair, look up towards God and shout “i will continue as a testiomony for you” and with faith alone sit in the chair boldly?

    I think, no… I know the woman would immediately sit in the chair!

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