Swept Out With The Current – Part 5 Living in a Hut

Swept Out With The Current Part 5 of Living in a Hut

ImageThe Palace buzzed with excitement as it prepared to host a gathering, one of its many gatherings that drew people from far and wide. Since their very reputation preceded them, the Palace knew to expect people coming from all parts of the world. They were a force to be reckoned with in Christianity. Rising to the heights of notoriety, they accepted their position among their peers with gladness. The Palace continually seemed to be gaining in momentum day by day. More conferences, more books, more exposure – more, more, and more. Like a snowball going downhill, there was no stopping them.

Yet from the woman’s perspective, they were a shadow that blocked the sun from shining into her miserable hut. The Palace proved to be an intimidating force right in her backyard. Everywhere she went people asked her similar questions.

“Have you been to the Palace? You live so close.”

“Have you read the latest book from the Palace?”

“Did you visit the Church on the Street? They are associated with the Palace.”

“I am going to the latest gathering at the Palace. Will I see you there?”

ImageThese questions frustrated her on every level. It seemed that there was no place in Christianity, at least in her country, for any way to break free or break out of the Palace formed template. As she traveled out at times into other nations, it also seemed that she was continually confronted with some form or fashion of Palace influence. There seemed to be an underlying current of thought that the Palace was THE place to be and to go. They were establishing templates in Christianity that many people wanted to fit into rather than venture out in their God given creativity and BE who God called them to be. It seemed easier, she often concluded, to be associated with what was cutting edge and going on, rather than to venture out on your own.

As she gave this careful consideration each day, she realized that she did not actually dislike the Palace. She believed that each and every one of us should freely be able to walk in our God-given destiny. But in her case, she felt that she was drowning in the shadow of the Palace. Just to BE who God called her to BE and to SEE their gaining influence often proved too much for her to handle as she consistently was comparing her life to the glimmering brilliance of the palace. She always, always fell short – at least in her eyes.

ImageThere was a growing frustration in her of being trapped. Trapped in what, you say? Trapped in a template that was formed for her by another ministry or movement rather than BE who God created her to BE. Creativity was her passion. Creativity allows people to stretch past the created templates of current Christian popularity and to go into another direction, a path laid out by Holy Spirit. Yet, when she tried to do this, many around her seemed to ignore her in her endeavors because they seemed to desire to be hooked into Palace ministries that were formed and fashioned in greater ways.

Nothing she tried, even though led by Holy Spirit, seemed to work. Nothing at all. And that is not an exaggeration. It is reality. How to deal with reality? One can only keep walking day by day and that is what the woman determined to do. Just keep walking, day by day by day. She held a vision deep inside of her, yet she was unknown. She moved creativity, yet people did not or could not see it. She tried all she knew to try and each endeavor left her with no apparent success. So that is what brought her to this very day as she sat looking out her window at the Palace from the confines of her mundane hut.

Sitting in her hut, she saw some vivid pictures in her mind that came from her prophetic imagination. It seemed that the Palace was like a grand ocean and she was standing on the shore deciding what to do. Go in or stand on the shore? As much as she did not like to admit it, in this prophetic picture playing in her mind, she ventured into the water. But rather than stand in a place created by God especially for her, she noticed that once in the water, the force of the current kept moving her farther and farther out to sea, away from her vision and purpose. Caught up in the flow, she had to do nothing but release herself to the flow and be taken where the current wanted her to go. Suddenly she jumped. The vision was so clear. The vision was so real. If she went, what would happen to her? She looked one more time around her hut. The simplicity of it all – no flare, no fashion, and no glimmer. Then she looked outside at the Palace – the gleaming light, the brilliance and the beauty.

Image“I’ll go”

And that day, something more died within her.



6 thoughts on “Swept Out With The Current – Part 5 Living in a Hut

  1. Okay, so I at sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for the next “episode” of this story….somehow thinking I will get answers for “my story” through “your story.” So many times in my walk, in order to be validated, people ask me “where do you go to church?” I immediately try to wiggle out of answering that question because at this time, (and for the last 7 years), I have not “belonged” to a church organization. I have visited a church now and again; but, feel like that “fish out of water.” Although I have felt so lonely at times; every time I tried to “fit in” a religious organization again; I ran into the same “programs”, “attitudes”, and “control”. But, there are times I hold my head down because of the pressure to look like I belong in order to be accepted; however, I just cannot do something unless it is in the flow of the Spirit for me. I don’t want to be rebellious; and it seems if I don’t belong to a church, I am looked at as rebellious or pitiful–yet, the opposite feels more true inside my heart. So, as I say again, I am sitting on the edge of my seat!

    • Thanks Donita for your encouragement and thoughts. I have been where you are. It takes time but each day that passes, it gets easier. We left the institutional church in 2002 and went through some ups and downs. We have always been in fellowship with Christians in home groups and other venues. So stay focused and walk in humility and grace and God always makes a way for fellowship one with another. Appreciate you taking the time to answer.

  2. It is sad but, in reality, for many it is better to be known for whom you are associated (those in the PALACE) than to be known for solely being with the one that loves you and calls you. Through the years it has become evident that for so many it is easier to become part of the “Palace” because one feels like they are walking along side others and doing something with others even if it is not what God is asking them to do. In reality they are closing their eyes to creativeness of God in them and only seeing anothers revelation as an easy way out to do what they feel they want to do for God. When one does not know or feel the joy of it being “Only God”, they will seek conference after conference, prophetic word after prohetic word, and even the content of just being (walking) with others. I want to ask them, “Is being associated with the “Palace” revelation more important to them than for them to boldly venture out in the personal creative revelation God is calling them to do? Do they enjoy being hid in the numbers associated with the Palace? It is like they are answering God’s question “Do you love me?” with, “Yes, God, I love you BUT, it hurts to be standing alone. I need to have relationship with others. That is why I want to be in the “Palace” not because I do not love you.”

    As strong as the urge is to get into the water because ot looks like everything would be much easier and that I would be able to be working with others in doing something for God, the love of God with the desire to do only His Will keeps me standing on the sand.

    • This is so good, so very good. I believe both of us know the reality of chasing after things in the Palace. Remember those years we were in Africa and even in the remotest villages we saw so much mimicking of what ministers in the States may be doing? Churches named after books that were being written in the States. Ministers copying the style and format. And remember in Finland when they had to Skype a leader in for a conference? What was sad about that is that there were and are great leaders in Finland that can aptly move in the same anointing but the hunger for something different or to be cutting edge was so strong. Have seen it time and time again…………..in many ways.

  3. There are many aspect of your story that I can so relate, too. I never desired to be a part of the “palace” people and I thought there was indeed something wrong with me. But I am coming into greater clarity that God in His infinite wisdom never wanted me to be a part of the palace people – but set apart for Him and not conform to “them”. This was God’s design for my life the whole time and I am now coming into clarity and understanding of this during my time in my own ‘hut’. While we need one another and fit perfectly in His body, we are each different and equipped with different giftings and assignments to fulfill His puposes and plan. Thank you again for sharing your ‘journey’ with us, and at this time in my life. Today has further confirmed that it is indeed okay to BE me and fulfil the part of His plan He has determined and appointed for me. God bless you…I’m reading!

    • Your comments mean a lot to me. For in your comments I am encouraged and then I can encourage you from afar. Let this story come alive in you. I pray that you come out of any form that man has put you in, take off any coat of regret or grief or disillusionment and BE all that God created you to be.

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