In The Secret Place – Part 10 – Living In A Hut

psalm-91cover2Swept into the secret place of the Most High God right there in the Palace, there was a silence that was infused with the weight of God’s presence around her and flowing through her. A sense of oneness with Christ overwhelmed her. The person of Christ was there, so close that she could barely breathe because the intensity of His love was so strong and so real that there was nothing to say and no questions to ask. You are. He is.

That is the place the woman found herself that day, right in the midst of the Palace – in the secret place, where time seemed to stand still. In the midst of all that was going on around her, she was only aware of being so close to Him.  In this moment, questions that had been asked by her for so many years now seemed so nebulous and vague in the face of Christ. Here, no questions were needed. Every question was answered in the face of perfect love. Her past, her present, and her future were complete in Christ. As she stood there in worship, a deep revelation of knowing consumed her displacing the need to know or the need to ask. The simplicity of Christ brought her into a place that day where He was enough.

It seemed to her that all of the “I am” statements that flowed from her that day fell at His feet as dead and without life. Those words flowing from her had been fabricated and formed from her pain and sorrow. Here, now, in His presence was fullness of joy. It was in this very atmosphere that He began to speak to her.

The Word was alive and His Words to her were truth. His words swirled around her and within her that day. They had substance and form. Words of Spirit.  Words of life. Words of love. She could not do anything but stand in His presence and allow these words to penetrate her heart.

Truth 3“My daughter, for every statement that you make to justify or rationalize your life, I have created a greater reality in the Words of life that I speak, that I AM. I am truth that is real and living. I am truth. I am life. Only believe. Only trust Me.

You have lived a life of illusion. Illusion created your reality when hope was displaced by hurt. In that hurt lies began to form the foundation of your existence and in that place, you have lived for a long time. Yet in that place, I have continued to call you forth and love you despite your opposition to somehow prove to me that you were unlovable and not worthy of my attention.

This opposition brought you to a place of desolation, a wilderness so barren that your life only reflected the reality of your heart. The mundane life that you live in your hut was your choice and your reality. Yes, it was your choice by simply not believing me and trusting me with your life, a life I created and formed for my pleasure.

Life is lived in union with Me. You lost that revelation and wandered in separation within your mind. Your words created your reality and you lived in that reality, thinking that I had left you, disqualified you or forgotten you. I have done none of these. Nothing can separate you from me. I am always for you and in you.

Life is not an illusion. It is filled with joy, pain, hope, suffering, love, and hurt. In all of this, I change not. There were times that you slowly succumbed to the reality of the desolation of your emotions to believe that you were trapped and over and over you cried out to me thinking I had forgotten you. Your cry of pain took precedence over Truth and this cry shouted louder than My voice so I watched as you walked through all of this, thinking that it would destroy you but it did not. I never leave or forsake you.

images-6My ways are perfect and my timing is perfect. There is nothing wasted in a life in Me. I take it all and form it for My good, flowing through you. You are at the point of acceptance today as you stand here. You are at the point of putting all to rest – all the questions about your past, why you went through what you went through, the unfairness, and the lack of justice. Put to rest all accusations even aimed at me thinking that I do not know you or what is best for you life?

That is why you are here, my daughter. I choose the time. I choose the place.”

2 thoughts on “In The Secret Place – Part 10 – Living In A Hut

  1. Wow. I felt like the Lord was speaking directly to me. We never truly realize sometimes how our thoughts get in the way. Keep us from hearing Our Father….and then we get consumed by it all.
    Thank you

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