Breathing and Receiving – Part 11 – Living In A Hut

Image“My ways are perfect and My timing is perfect. There is nothing wasted in a life in Me. I take it all and form it for My good, flowing through you. You are at the point of acceptance today as you stand here. You are at the point of putting all to rest – all the questions about your past, why you went through what you went through, the unfairness, and the lack of justice. Put to rest all accusations even aimed at me thinking that I do not know you or what is best for you life? That is why you are here, my daughter. I choose the time. I choose the place.”

As God spoke to her that day, His words were alive, forming a bridge in the spiritual realm right before her. Words from the Father fashioned a way in which she would cross over into a new place in her life. The bridge in front of her was a way of truth that would set her free. This was a defining moment in her life, a moment she would look back on many times.

Life is built on defining moments – moments when we are transformed and changed. In choosing to go to the Palace, the woman never even realized that she would encounter such a life-changing experience. She stood there. She breathed in. She breathed out. With each breath, life flowed through her. With each breath, peace, weaved its way through her being. This was real. She was alive again.

The woman stood that day, looking into the face of joy, Jesus Christ. There was something about that face, something incredibly awesome about His presence that strips a person down to the basics. Worries dissipate. Concerns fall apart. Discouragement lifts in the pretense of joy in the face of Christ In those moments, there were no questions. There was no need to ask anything. The fullness of Christ was her all and all.

She felt no fear, no regret, and no discouragement. There was only this moment. Now. In that moment, she knew that everything in her life was in Christ. He never left her. In all the years where her frustration fueled a life built on lies, today was the day where truth was dismantling these lies. It was supernatural. It was sudden. It was real.

ImageOver the course of the next few days, she would experience truth in the person of Christ.  Truth would invade her life where lies has once reigned. But as for that moment in which she found herself, she stood and breathed and rested in the simplicity of peace. Opening her eyes, she looked around her. She heard the sound of worship music filling the atmosphere. It was all so surreal to her after what she had just encountered.

What to do now? She asked herself.

There was a sense within her that perhaps it was time for her to leave. Even though the gathering had not even officially started, she had received all that God had intended for her at that moment. It seemed a bit incredulous to her that leaving would be an option for her, yet it was. She was sure of it. And God was sure of it. The rest of the transformation in her life at this time would occur in the presence of God right in the midst of the mundane hut. It would in the place of her greatest sorrow that her greatest joy would come and transform her from within.

ImageSlowly walking out of the building, she could not moved amidst the crowds of people walking into the gathering. Moving against the flow seemed to be the way life always moved her. She was going out. They were going in. She weaved her way through the crowds until she was outside in the Grand Court. She breathed again and God’s peace was tangible and real. She walked away from the Palace; occasionally look back at it over her shoulder. There was nothing else to do but keep walking back to the mundane hut.  She kept wondering what God had for her there. She was soon to find out. 

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