The Voice – The Vision

SoundwaveWhen there is chaos, a voice of truth rises up to lead the way through confusion. A Voice of Truth is rising up in this time. God is raising up many people who are passing through a transitional time, where they are being asked to count the cost in speaking that which God desires spoken in these days. I recently had a recurring vision while in prayer.

The Vision: People were passing through a canal that linked two bodies of water. I will call this ‘transitional waters’ through which many are passing from one point to another. Some were swimming. Some were treading water. Some were wading. These transitional waters were a point of training for people to speak for God, to be a Voice, not an echo. It was in this place that many realized there was a cost to be a Voice. Those who speak will be challenged, persecuted, ignored and rejected. Yet, how desperately we need a Voice of Truth in these times.

Let me challenge you in this blog series. You may be thinking that this does not apply to you. I would ask you to think again. This series will challenge you to speak truth and also to accept truth when someone speaks it to you in grace. Truth sets captives free. Truth breaks lies that control our lives. Jesus said, 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32 NKJV) Do you want to be free? Truly free? Then you must hear truth and speak truth in the person of Jesus Christ.

ImageSo I will jump right into the waters in this blog to call forth a Voice of Truth in many who will read this. I won’t qualify my statements by trying to think of everyone who may resist what I am going to say. There will always be the offended and the accusers. Many will oppose a Voice of Truth by saying there is not enough love being spoken.  Some will say the words are judgmental or strong. There are any numbers of reasons to shut our voices down. Yet, you must speak for the world needs your voice.

As the Lord said to me one day, “Debra, just say it!” I am passing through these transitional waters with many of you, learning to speak what God wants spoken and weighing my words carefully in the Spirit so that grace is evident and real flowing through my life. What about you? Don’t you see them? There are people all around you needing truth to be set free. I see them. We will talk about them in this blog series. You may find yourself among them – how you were or how you are. And, you will definitely find others you may know who you come into contact with everyday. Enjoy the journey with me!

8 thoughts on “The Voice – The Vision

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  5. Excellent – the Truth is the key…sometimes hurt people aren’t open to the Truth, especially if they’ve been victims of ‘biblical legalism’ of sorts…i. e. graceless, loveless, merciless. God is teaching me much about His Grace vs performance based relationship this year. Thanks for your words of encouragement, to boldly be a voice of truth.

  6. Hi,
    This morning I was asking the Lord a question and the question was: “Why do I find myself not having tolerance for things I use to have tolerance for?” I start feeling like I am not a nice person when I notice things being more black and white (which I was always gray, warm and fuzzy). I don’t ever want to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I work very hard at trying not to hurt someone. Yet, I find myself thinking thoughts I never use to think, like “really, get over this already, are you still doing this or that”. I don’t want to be judgmental or critical or condescending. I have been judged, criticized, my whole life and I don’t want to do that with others. But, I find myself having no tolerance for frivolous things. Is this a part of transitioning to being a part of The Voice? I am one of those people that others gravitate towards to tell their problems to. I have been known to offer advice and correction without people knowing they have been corrected. Yet, sometimes it feels like some of my mercy is leaving–I don’t want to hurt anyone. Thanks.

    • It is definitely a process. Sounds like you are right in the midst of it too. Here is how it goes for me. There was a lot of anger in me and wanting to tell people what to do – very little mercy or compassion. God is working that out of me each day and in the process I am now able to say a lot of things I could not say before because there is love flowing through me.

      Now sometimes I do lose patience when people define themselves by their pain or simply don’t want to grow up or deal with it. Yet I am learning as a mom, that I can say some strong things. The person can receive it or reject it. I am the messenger speaking it in grace and love and even relationship with the other person.

      My heart beats for people to leave the past and walk in the now and in their future. I will take the criticism and the rejection and the persecution. I will just keep speaking and see people get set free. Thanks so much for your comments.

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