The Voice: The Journey Begins In The Valley

ImageWhen we pass through the birth canal of the transitional waters (Read vision in previous post), we will be qualified to speak the Truth. We are qualified to speak, not because we are eloquent but because we have learned humility in our brokenness. A continuing flow of grace reveals to us two distinct revelations that beautifully form as one. One is simple. You can do all things through Christ, who gives you strength. The other is also simple. You can do nothing apart from Him. He is the center of our lives. He is Truth. We look to Him in all ways and at all times.

When speaking forth what God desires you to say, the opposition strikes in many various and diverse ways. Let me give you a picture so you can see this the way that I am seeing it now. You walk out into a beautiful valley one day, filled with passion and purpose for God. You begin to speak that which has been ingrained into your being over the past few years, thinking that many will see the truth in what you are saying. Suddenly, you are facing opposition that has been there all along, but now you are their target, for your words hit them straight on. And, they don’t like it. Continue seeing yourself in this valley for over the next few blogs, as we will clearly describe the opposition that rises up against truth. 

Looking out across the valley, you suddenly notice people in a castle on top of a high mountain. They are secure in their position and simply don’t like what you are saying. When you speak, whatever you speak, they challenge you right back. Their questions sound something like this; “Excuse me, but where is that in Scripture? And who is your covering that you can come into this valley and speak? What church do you go to? What seminary did you attend? Do you have a resume? Who endorses you?”

You almost can’t believe your ears. Your immediate response would be to justify or qualify your position. But wait! That is a big mistake. To do that would only add fuel to the fire of their opposition. You have no endorsements from anyone famous. You can’t exactly show them the exact verse in Scripture. The only covering you have is Jesus Christ. And your resume is filled with trying to keep from sucking in water during your time in the transitional waters.

I would like to tell you that self-righteous people go away, but they don’t. They are always there. They have been always there. Your purpose is to flow despite what they say. Why? Because your focus is clear on the One who has sent you to speak. 

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