The Voice: “Who Says?” in Coexist City

ImageRemember the valley? The castle and the guardians of self-righteousness? Read riverofeden1 if you need to review the last post. But for now, let’s look at who else will challenge Truth in the Valley of Declaration.

Stand in the valley, look to the left and see a city without borders. It’s called Coexist City. This is a place where tolerance is king and a myriad of belief systems coexist, side by side. Unlike those in the castle, there are no specific rules in Coexist City. Everything is accepted in the name of tolerance. To be tolerant is to be open-minded, accepting, liberal and indulgent.

All ideas are valued and discussed here. Truth is relative to each person’s life. Gods are fashioned from a variety of beliefs. Be careful here! Anything that even remotely hints of absolute truth presented too forcefully will banish you to the remote areas of town never to be seen or listened to again. You must walk in wisdom and grace among the people of Coexist City if you plan on speaking in Truth in Christ.

Their mantra flows through everything they say.  “Who says? My truth is my truth. Who says there is only one God? That is a bit narrow minded don’t you think? There are many ways to god.” Their talk is often nebulous and vague. You will notice that very quickly if you stay on a bit. But remember, you are presenting truth in the person of Christ, not a doctrine, an ideology, or a philosophy but a person.

ImageWhen speaking truth in Coexist City, please disarm yourself. Put away your stun gun of truth, aimed to paralyze. Just relax and breathe. Walk amongst them, have a glass of wine (Did I lose the religious here? J), and stay focused on the One who called you here. Speak with wisdom and grace. Listen and be patient. Your call here is to untangle a network of lies around the heart that prevent many from seeing the reality of the person of Christ.

Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Many of them already think that Christians are intolerant, self-righteous, and totally unaware of reality. You have nothing to prove here so actually you have nothing to lose. Breathe again. Christ in you will speak through you as you interject truth by the spirit into just the right places, dismantling lies and tearing down strongholds. And, you did it all without that stun gun.

Walk around. Get the lay of the land. Watch, listen and learn. To dismantle deception, you must learn to flow with Holy Spirit. Through words of love, wisdom and grace you will establish borders in the spirit of truth. Through prophecy, words of wisdom and revelation, you will speak the truth of Christ into their lives. The absolute truth of Christ Jesus will draw people into the borders of His love and His grace. You are just the go-between giving them a hands up to come out of darkness into the light. 

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