The Voice: The City of the Silent Majority

LoveAs I have said in previous posts in this series, we speak Christ, the person of Christ flowing through us to impart life and truth into a people languishing in chaos and confusion. Our assignment is to speak with wisdom and grace. We speak whom we know, not what we know.

I am setting a visual picture in this series where Voices of Truth walk in a valley, continually confronted with a variety of challenging belief systems.  We have turned from the City of Coexist and now, before us, we see another city. One can barely see it clearly. A heavy cloud cover over it makes it look grey and filled with shadows. No light shines forth from it.

It does not look very inviting and appears from a distance to be deserted because there are no sounds coming forth. How strange! As we draw closer to this city, the silence itself is deafening. We keep walking to get a closer view of what is actually going on here. What we begin to see is quite astounding but a bit confusing.

There are actually thousands of people walking around this city, silent and withdrawn. They seem to blend in with the grey atmosphere. It seems as if they are each in their own world. Hiding behind walls of protection, they walk along, occasionally lifting their heads to say “Hi! How’s it going?” or “Good morning.” Others just nod their head and keep walking. This is the city of the Silent Majority. Voices of Truth look around, dismayed and saddened. What do we say here? How do we help?

In the city of the Silent Majority, people don’t actually live, they exist. Days are filled with hopelessness, discouragement and disillusionment. They truly believe God is nowhere to be found. Feeling rejected and abandoned by God, they hide behind thick walls of self-preservation, each day going through the motions of life but not actually living. They are the by-products of dead religion.

How do we speak to them? You speak from your heart not from your head. You BE Christ to them. You never assume you understand the depth of their pain. Partner with Holy Spirit to touch them and love them. Listen to them. Cry with them.  Please don’t give pat answers that you learned in some seminar or conference. You give Christ. In this city, Voices of Truth, you will learn compassion and be humbled by it.

ImageThe Silent Majority fills the Church of Jesus Christ. Years of performance-based religion have created the Walking Dead, unable to truly believe or trust again. You are the answer, Voices of Truth, not in what you say but in what you don’t say. Just BE in Christ and follow Holy Spirit.  They grieve and mourn their own vacant lives daily. Hopelessness from delayed promises form the foundation of their life.

Are you called to minister Truth to these glorious ones? Be wise, ever so wise. Be transparent and open, choosing your words carefully. You will be transformed alongside them in this interchange of life. Speak forth love! Whisper hope! You will see God do amazing things right in your midst IF you let the Holy Spirit lead the way. Let Him do it His way. Voices of Truth, this is a journey with Holy Spirit and there is no prescribed path. Each person unique! Each situation different! Enjoy the journey!

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