Robots, Clones, Templates – Where is Creativity? – Speaking from Outside the Walls

ImageSometimes there is no way to say something other than just to say it and let it all fall into place. At times I have beat around the bush, trying to be diplomatic. Then at other times I have gotten angry and wrote from that place of anger. Today, for me, it’s time to hit straight on without animosity or anger but just truth based in my experience. Since this is so important to me, I will stay in this place regarding robotic cloned Christianity until I get this out of my system. I am wading through the transitional waters on my way to a new place in grace and freedom.

I am writing this from years of seeing the same thing happen over and over again. My heart beats for creativity in the Body of Christ. Christ in me, Christ in you. We are the creative expression of Christ in the earth, today, right now. The Spirit leads us into a flowing revelation of Christ. In doing that our expressions in Christ should be diverse and creative. Yet I don’t see creativity and flow in the Church. I see cloned Christianity based upon templates that are formed from iconic ministries that dominate the Internet or television. Instead of pontificating, I will share an example, a vivid example. Or maybe a few examples for that matter.

ImageIn Africa, people would ask us if we were associated with Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, or Creflo Dollar because that is what was constantly broadcast on television. We would change the topic and try to tell them a bit about Christ in us and our flow through Rivers of Eden Ministry. They seemed more interested in seeing us through the lens of some iconic television ministry rather than acknowledge there were many expressions of Christ in His Body.

Then in Finland, we would be constantly asked if we were part of Bethel. Have we been to Bethel? Have we experienced Bethel? Then at other times in Finland, we would be asked about associating with IHOP and 24/7 prayer. Then we would be asked to attend some new revival meeting from some new speaker coming in from Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry or some offshoot of Lakeland. Then there were the healing rooms. Then the quest to get Heidi Baker to Finland to impart the next new thing. This is just skimming the tip of the iceberg.

Then there was the minister in Africa, having visited Lakeland, who thought he would mimic and copy all of Todd Bentley’s shake em up and quake em up actions in every meeting he held. Do I go on with more? Let me stop here. Do you see the point? It frustrated me at times because of this blatant immaturity to get past the iconic and to take up the simplicity of the call of Christ in the way He has ordained for each of us specifically. I am tired of this all and I will not take part in it for the simple reason that it seems to choke the creativity out of me from every angle. He is enough for me and for you. The immaturity in the Body of Christ chasing after something they can touch or they can see or they can join up with is astounding to me. I can BE the creative expression He has called me to BE.  More to come………..

4 thoughts on “Robots, Clones, Templates – Where is Creativity? – Speaking from Outside the Walls

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  3. As I was growing up (ok, I know I still need some growing up), the saying “Keeping up with the Jones” was stated often. If one person in the neighborhood got a new, then many others got a new car…… Seems like that statement should now be “Keeping up with the ‘big name’ Christians…. If one see the move of the Spirit in flakes of God, then all seem to want to see the move of the Spirit in flakes of Gold…… The problem is that this places God in a box and does not allow His glorious creativity to flow forth…

    • Yes yes. Christ in us is the door to great and wonderful creativity in art, music, business, marriage – it all flows from Christ, through Christ and to Christ. We need look no further than that. Love ya.

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