whats-nextThis will not be a teaching. If you want great teaching, there are many good books that approach this topic with wisdom and grace. Just Google “Jezebel” and you will find one that will answer your questions. I am writing about my experiences, as a prophetic woman confronting a continual backlash from what I would say was a Jezebel spirit. What confronted me over the years was control, manipulation, and lies that flowed from the influence of this spirit in churches and through different people, both men and women, towards me. I will focus on experience after experience in this blog.

This spirit of control and manipulation has tried to undermine and discredit God’s anointing on my life. It has lied about me, stirred up controversy about me, and actually tried to kill any ministry flowing through me. I will be brief as I give you example after example of all that I have encountered. You can choose to believe or not believe. Being outside the walls, I am now able to speak of this freely in this blog. I am dismantling all presumptions and assumptions aimed at my life.

Read this blog – In Which Jezebel Gives Way to Deborah by Sarah Bessey. It will give you some additional thoughts that are relevant and forthright. Jezebel loves to target prophetic people. Jezebel loves to target prophetic women and seeks to destroy their credibility in any way that she can. I have encountered this spirit so many times that at this point in my life, I am aware of it right at the start, before it is able to get a foothold in any way, attacking my life.

Let’s begin. I will call her Sue. Sue and her husband came on the scene at a church Marvin and I attended as well as being in leadership. Sue came in with a great deal of fanfare and exuberance. In a short time, she started getting involved in many different facets of the church, gaining influence everywhere she went. She flowed into woman’s ministry. She worshipped. She was in the drama productions. You name it, she did it.

vt-102556When I would look at here, things never seemed right. At this time, God was just beginning to flow through me in the prophetic so there were times I felt I was wrong in what I was seeing because others did not see the same thing. Something was ‘off’ with this gal but I could not figure it out. I began to hear that she was calling the pastor in the night, at times, to give him a word that could not wait until the morning. Then, there was the time when all the women went on a retreat but she conveniently could not go. Later we found out, that she proceeded to prophecy to her heart’s content, getting center stage in the service while the women were away.

One night, the Lord woke me up and told me to tell the pastor to be careful with this woman. So after service one day, I talked to him outside the sanctuary. I voiced my concerns. His reply to me was something I remember to this very day. He said “Debra, are you sure you are not jealous of Sue?” Selah. No words left to say. The sad thing is that months later, she left her husband and ran away with one of the worship team. Another sad thing is that this pastor never came to me to encourage me or to affirm what I saw in her. This was my first exposure to Jezebel.

Another example. In Finland one time, I was asked to preach at a church where Jezebel was getting a foothold. I did not know it at the time, but I was soon to find out and learn a valuable lesson. Let’s call her Anne this time. I arrived at the church and asked about ministry. Did I have the freedom to flow outside the constraints of the normal service if the Holy Spirit wanted to go a different way? I was told that I had freedom. So the service started and as it progressed, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to lead out in prophetic song and begin to minister to people. After a short while, as the Spirit was moving so beautifully, Anne comes up, takes the microphone and tells everyone that there is an agenda to be followed. So she turned the flow, completely away from the Spirit of God direction.

I sat down and suddenly got so angry. I was humiliated. I desperately asked the Lord to help me. In the room, I sensed such control and manipulation flowing. Suddenly before my eyes, I saw a woman standing there in the Spirit. She was standing right before me and it was truly demonic. I knew I was seeing what appeared to be a form of Jezebel, right in this church. To make a long story short, I submitted to Anne because she was the leader. What I did not know is that she would go behind my back and tell the pastor, who was not there at the meeting, that I grabbed the microphone away from her, determined to have my own way. She told the pastor that I was very controlling in the service.

arghhhIt gets better. The next day I was scheduled to minister again in the main service so the pastor decided to personally pick me up to talk to me on the way to the church. When we were in the car, he began to share with me the lies that he had been told by this woman. He informed me that I exhibited great control in the previous day’s service and that he needed some explanation. Well, that was a bit hard for me because I was without words. I saw Jezebel, clear at work. How could I defend myself in any way against these lies?

I simply turned to Him and said some simple words. “Those are lies Pastor. And, you have a problem of control and manipulation operating through this woman in your church.” He looked at me and said, “That is not possible.” I said “Well we will have to agree to disagree.” What a way to start a night of ministry. By the way, Anne was not at the service that night, conveniently absent for some reason.

But, back to the car scene. I was so upset. I did the only thing I knew to do. I told the pastor that I would not minister if he did not feel comfortable with me ministering in his church. He stammered and said, “No, no, that is not necessary.” Inside I was confused. So I gained my composure and asked another question. “Well,” I said. “Would you feel comfortable if I told you what I was preaching on?” He said, “Yes.” I said “The blood of Jesus.”

I did minister later that night even though I myself had been lied about and discredited; yet God continued to move in the service. I was never asked back to that church. I was not even able to defend myself against the lies spoken against me. I was wounded and grieved; yet I continued on my journey. Bam, Jezebel hit again.

Please understand I am skimming over this quite quickly to get my point across over the next few blogs. My point – this spirit is alive and well and dwells in the midst of God’s people. It will be confronted and when it is, it gets angrier and angrier seeking to destroy any prophetic ministry it possibly can. That’s enough for now. More coming……….

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