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light,,,path,light,sunset,lighting,nature-41f773f8f24c6fffefc6516030b7503b_hI am enjoying the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Writing every day is clearing my vision and opening my eyes in new ways. Here’s more. Enjoy.

Isaiah 30:21 Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left. NKJV

Visions, dreams, and revelations are part of my Christian walk in Christ. Today as I was contemplating what to blog about, I kept seeing a visual picture in my spirit that speaks to my heart. I hope it also speaks to you as you read this blog today.

Have you ever taken one step that led to another step that led to another step? You walk forward but you don’t really understand what is taking place at the time. Yet, you know that you know you have to go that particular way. In hindsight, I now ask myself “What would have happened if I never took that first step? Where would I be?” Thank God for His grace that repositions us through the beautiful sound of His voice that says, “Walk this way.” He is the master of course correction.

I keep getting this picture for me and possibly for you, too. I keep seeing many of us in a room, standing. All around there are beautiful vines that appear to be covering up some things. Suddenly the Lord says, “Look for the door!” Here I stand today, simply because I took that first step on a journey that started long ago.

I believe that one step can place me in a position to discover an open door that remains hidden to me if I did take that step. All around me, I look closely at the thick growth of vines. I seem to know that there is a hidden door somewhere amidst the vines. This door is small and obscure and can’t easily be detected through natural eyes, until I begin to search wholeheartedly.

God is definitely behind this game of hide and seek. He wants me to find that door so I may go through, crossing a threshold into a new place destined for me. Over the years, He consistently spoke to me, gently urging me to go right, then left, and then straight. Trust me, it did not always make sense. I kept thinking I was walking into a dead-end, but it was not. I see that now.

images-14When your move or shift your position, you see things you have never seen before just by moving over, up, or down. Something that was blocked is now in full view and we think to ourselves “Wow, I never saw that before!”

In the spiritual, many of us are constantly shifting our position and seeing Jesus Christ in new, fresh ways, unveiled by walking away from religion. In the process, because He is in the shift, we move up, down, over, or out. Something that was blocked is now in full view and we think to ourselves “Wow, I never saw that before!”

The process to that is long, sometimes discouraging, and even filled with regret, thinking we are heading one way, when God says to go another way. He is doing that so we don’t get caught in a rut and keep doing the same old thing day in and day out. At least that is how it is for our lives. I am excited about it. I am created for this adventure. God has been teaching me through this whole process. I think I am finally getting it. 

7 thoughts on “Walk This Way – Quotable Living

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  2. Thank you for always sharing! There are many of us out here in “the jungle” needing confirmations and your messages are very confirming! It has not been “easy”; but, as you say, “worth it!” We are not entangled by the vines, just maneuvering through the vines with the help we get from Holy Spirit moment by moment. Sometimes I have gotten tangled, and had to STOP and BE STILL so I wouldn’t get into a more tangled mess. Then, as I waited quietly, eventually, I became unraveled again. Most of the time, I have found that the anxiousness swallowed me up when I saw the vines caused me to get entangled. It may be something else for others, but, fear and anxiety for me. The big test for me was to stop trying to “fix things” and “find the way out” myself; and just to be still and know that in the stillness, he is God and will make a way when there seems to be no way! Thanks again!

    • So good Donita. I never thought of it like that. We are not entangled by the vines or the obscurity of standing in the midst of what we can’t see or understand. Great point. Love love it

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