Why Creativity?

creativityCreativity, creative expression, moving in the Spirit – these are my topics for the next ten-twelve days in the blog challenge. I want to mix it up a bit and focus on a topic that is close to my heart.

My friends know I am an avid fan of Project Runway, blogging about the lessons that I learn while watching it. I observe the extraordinary creativity that flows through the contestants. I am not as concerned about who wins, but about watching the creative process and flow.

I always try to listen to the sounds of a creative beat, so I attended an apparel design program for many years. Unfortunately, I quit the program right before I finished the last classes that were required to get the certificate. I draped, I sewed, and I sketched. I loved it. To this very day, when I look at what someone is wearing, I can take the garment apart in my own head, analyzing the pattern and structure. But, I quit. Why?

About the time I dropped out of the program was around the same time that I became a Christian. To me, the two didn’t mix in my heart or in the religious heart of the church. Fashion design seemed a bit insignificant. I sold it all – my machine, my serger, my fabric and everything else. I even used God as an excuse to people, telling them that He told me to just sell it all. You know, that suffer with Jesus routine that forms the foundation of religiosity. There is no one to blame. I made the decision. But, why?

I did the same thing in university. I wanted to go the route of the arts. My dad wanted me to do something with more substance, like teaching and nursing. So, again, because of external pressure and deep insecurity and guilt, I caved and walked into teaching. After graduation, I taught two years to discover a simple fact. I didn’t like teaching, at all.

1288452919_w30I wasted so many years, trying to be what I am not. Trying to fit in to who I am not. Then along came Rivers of Eden, our ministry. Through this ministry, I tried to do the same thing – listen to the voice of external pressure to be, fit in, conform, and follow the pack. Obviously, if you have been reading my other blogs, this definitely did not work. So, now I say “Absolutely not.”

In blogging these next ten to twelve days, I am blogging about my creative journey in Christ. Our mandate in Rivers of Eden is to BE the creative expression of Christ in the earth, today, right now; all of us diverse, unique and creative, flowing in the Holy Spirit. To this day, there are three of us on our team that are walking on a new path, creatively, outside the box and outside the walls of the institutional church. Follow me on this journey in this blog. Aren’t you sick of being templated into another person’s vision? Aren’t you tired of robotic, formed religion? I am………………..Walk this way!

6 thoughts on “Why Creativity?

  1. I am one of those out there Christians who has more heathen friends than Christian friends. I’m ultra creative also, so I am curious to how this continues to unfold. I love Ultimate Blog Challenge in that it brings me to bloggers I would never otherwise meet.

    Have a fabulous oh so creative weekend!

    • Thanks Julie! This beats in my heart so I hope you enjoy it if you get the change to read them. I just finished a book called “Chasing Franicis” about Francis of Assisi. It astounded me when they said that he actually sang his sermons, danced, etc. Amazing at the passion for creativity in his life. 🙂

  2. Hi!
    This was very interesting and well put. I think many people fall into trying to fit in as well. It is a challenge as a Christian to fully understand where the Lord is leading…always trying to trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding the way. Life is full of cross-roads… which one to take? which way to turn?
    Allowing Him to lead will always take us to happiness… although that is not to say that changes will not occur… in profession, home location, and the likes.
    Thanks for sharing honestly your heart…
    Saw your post at UBC, good luck.

    • Thanks Jean. So insightful what you wrote. When I lost my way in always trying to do what others wanted, I lost myself and frustration always set in because I felt that I wasn’t being me. My focus returned to spending time in His presence and He knows the path I should take and I just follow. And with me, there is no looking back of regret or competition. 🙂 🙂

  3. What a beautiful post. I do agree that we need to find our own walk and not follow in the path that others think would be best for us. I started off as a teacher as well and walked away from it because it was more about test scores and classroom discipline. Today I have my own online tutoring company and get to do what I love on a daily basis. I am looking forward to following your blog and seeing how it all unfolds.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. My heart, bound by rejection for so many years, looks for those bound in their own self-condemnation, insecurity, trying to fit in, etc. So it is a good thing I was moved out of teaching for I definitely would have been misplaced. God knows where He wants us for his purpose. 🙂

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