Creativity – Expressed

Creativity-quotes51Creativity has expression through people in art, music, dance, prophetic words, visions, dreams, revelation, and on and on. The Holy Spirit is endless, varied, and multifaceted in His forms of expression in our lives or in a meeting. This post is about Holy Spirit expression in our meetings in Rivers of Eden. The Holy Spirit moves and we interpret what He is doing or saying.  I can often see the direction that He desires to move, the picture He wants to paint, and the story He wants to tell. Holy Spirit is like the master conductor that says, “Follow Me as I lead the way!”

While ministering in a service in Dubai, I was preaching  when I suddenly saw a flight of stairs arise in the midst of the sanctuary. I saw this in the Holy Spirit. There they were. What to do? I heard the Lord say “Tell them to climb the stairs!” God wanted to take them to another place of greater vision and revelation, to see His heart and plans for them in that season. The stairs were a moving up to see from a different position, with a faith in Christ to believe and know that He is able to finish all that He started in them. Once I see, then I know and it is settled. I then just flow with the Spirit to prophesy to individuals what is already settled in the heavenly realm. But, unless one is open to allow the Holy Spirit to move creatively, and then interpret and act on the vision, the vision just stays a vision without manifestation.

While ministering in Nairobi, I began to see silver swords suspended in the spiritual atmosphere during a time of worship. There they were right in the meeting. What to do? How to interpret the atmosphere by the Spirit? This was a sign of what the Lord was doing in the meetings that very day. Silver often represents redemption and the sword is the authority and power of the living word. As we began to minister, we stepped into a place in the Spirit to encourage each person to believe in the power of their redemption, the reality of Christ in them, the hope of glory. We encouraged them in this reality. Then as we called each person forth, we symbolically placed a sword in their hand to remind them that the living word of God cuts, exposes, heals, delivers, sets free in Christ. The outcome? The room was filled with expectancy and revelation because of the obedience to interpret the vision and to move creatively out in the vision. Prophesy flowed as if a river was right in our midst.

images-16One more example now. (If you have never experienced this, I hope you are excited to know that the Holy Spirit is creative and alive. And for those who have experienced this and even more, walk in that realm again to ignite passion in your heart.) During a meeting in Finland, right before I got up to preach about light and sound challenging the darkness, a bright, clear, radiant light shot into the midst of the sanctuary. It just shot in and hit the center mark of the sanctuary. In that vision, God was confirming the preaching of the word through us. Power accompanied the shaft of light, encouraging us to know that all was already accomplished in Christ, the light of the world. We only had to follow in the flow and see heaven manifest in the earthly realm that night. As we began to preach, there was light in the room challenging the darkness in the lives of people. What followed were healings and deliverances. Freedom filled the room. Our responsibility was simply to take what God was showing in His creative expression and allow it to flow by the Holy Spirit.

These are just a few of many examples in the ministry of Rivers of Eden. Now you know why it is dear to my heart. We are supernatural with eyes to see in vision and ears to hear revelation. As Christians, we don’t try to be people of the Spirit. We are people of the Spirit. It is all a matter of walking in wisdom and grace to discern and learn the ways of God and His expression to walk in the reality of it right here, right now. 

9 thoughts on “Creativity – Expressed

  1. Hi Debra. This is the first time I’ve been to your site, having found it because you were two up from me on today’s UBC post. It has been fun to read different kinds of posts, which is why I really enjoy blog challenges.

    I had never thought of the Holy Spirit as a creative voice. I know He has comforted me, encouraged me, and warned me. But as a musician, it makes sense that he would manifest creativity through me. Thanks for giving my brain a new consideration.

    All the best,

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I loved what you wrote on your blog. That’s the great thing about blogs. I am getting to know about so many different perspectives on various subjects. When we minister, the Holy Spirit has been incredibly wonderful to us. Debra

      • Yes, that certainly is the neat thing about blog challenges. Sometimes you just get that connection that you wouldn’t have otherwise had; Thanks for your comment on my blog.

        All the best,

    • Soooo glad you asked that. Yes I am. I was actually thinking of doing that after this blog challenge of 30 days. I do not have the time to think about what it entails to go so I am thinking of just doing for now. I am not in the mood to deal with the transfer and learning some new things right now. I have been doing research about the differences and realize that I don’t want to handle the upkeep on the .org. For our website our Finnish friend does it for us. Thanks for the confirmation to do it. Any suggestions?

  2. Once you quit living the mundane life Sunday after Sunday sitting in the same row and the same seat and once you get up and move, the creativity of Christ can begin to flow through you. This is a testimony that God is creative and will move creatively in power if you allow Him to move through you.

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