A Circular Flow – Creativity in Christ

quotes-on-adventure-2I preached a message once about Circular Christianity”. Perhaps I will blog about it in the future but for now, I will give you a one paragraph shortened version of it all. Jesus did not live life according to a linear reality such as a timeline. He allowed people and situations to impact His life along His journey. He knew that He came from the Father and was going back to the Father (Circular Rhythm). In this way of life, He stopped, led by the Holy Spirit, for anything that intersected with His life. He moved circularly if you get my picture visually. He lived creatively to the sound of heaven. So He valued the day-to-day, led by the Spirit. His life was full and quite busy, yet He moved in rest.

We, on the other hand, are driven and always complaining about having so little time. Our timelines go forward in time, with key moments that intersect our life – birth, marriage, babies, jobs, travel, and death. Sometimes, between birth and death, we really don’t actually live because we are driven from point to point. Why not allow the creativity of the Holy Spirit to impact your life? This may sound ridiculous if you are driven to achieve and work for hours on end each week, but quantity is not what I am talking about here but quality of life.

Look at Jesus briefly with me right now. He lived a life, moving in the Spirit, with a flow that was sourced in peace and rest. Can I say the same? In a way I can because I do live my life like this now, but I did not do this always. Jesus moved circularly. Meditate on this a bit. He knew where He came from and where He was going back to and everything in between had purpose because His focus was on an eternal purpose moving through His life in the earthly realm. That is life, abundant and full.

jesus_center-448x220John 4 – Jesus and the woman at the well. He stopped. Against all cultural constraints, He stopped and her life was changed forever more. Speaking prophetically over her life, He brought forth revelation that challenged the darkness in her life with the light of the Living Word.

John 9:6 – Jesus spit on the ground, made clay with His Saliva and anointed a blind man’s eyes. The man received his sight through this creative act. Jesus heard the Father give Him a creative revelation. This changed the man forever and the people observing this miracle.

Matthew 19:13 – Jesus calls the children to lay hands on them for prayer. Children love the circular moments of life. Have you noticed that they stop for the most obscure things that capture their attention? The disciples rebuked Jesus for this. Go figure right? Should not be a surprise. They lived linearly and were only worried about earthly cares and concerns.

Jesus chose 12 diverse, unique men from various backgrounds.  What more can be said about this right? Look at the church. Look carefully. The church honors uniformity and conformity. Jesus challenged this with diversity and creativity.

There is much more to say on this and so many examples. The rest is for you to explore as you pray. Jesus will reveal truth to you right where you are in life. So why am I writing on this? It is because I am a creative thinker, a spontaneous believer, and a woman who loves adventure. I know there are more like me out there. What to do? I refuse to accept man-made Christianity. I surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit in my life. I listen to the sound of heaven, only doing what I hear the Father saying to me. It is not only possible. It is the only way to live. 

10 thoughts on “A Circular Flow – Creativity in Christ

  1. Great blog, again! 🙂 I also have found that sometimes it’s easy to hide behind the schedule. It gives a structure to go through days and seasons. But if you look closer it’s more maintaining through life than really living. There was a season in my life being at home with kids that I tried to define myself by schedule. I felt good when my calendar was full. But that fullness kept me busy without really flowing as God had ordained. It was all man-made and didn’t leave much room for Spirit. It takes also courage to leave schedule aside and go as Spirit is leading, but that is actually that very life we are called to live.

    • Amen to all you said. Schedules keep us comfortable and give us a measure of identity but it is a false identity. What happens when the seasons change and we can no longer be defined by what was in a previous season? Great lessons for me to learn.

  2. Thanks Debra! I think this was really great! I know I am sometimes too busy like just running the whole day…. Although I know that the more I give my time to Lord, more easier everything goes the whole day….but it seems sometimes I forget it in the middle of everything…So thank you! I don’t want to miss any creative opportunity from Him anymore! 🙂

  3. Do you think the word “SCHEDULE” was directly in Christ’s vocabulary? We are taught from birth that we are to adhere to a schedule….. if we fall behind schedule, as in construction activities, we are penalized…. If we move ahead of schedule, as in construction, we get an “at a boy” good job…… I believe the only schedule Jesus had was to do the will of the father here on earth in accordance to the timing of God and not man. This reminded me of the example you used regarding Kenyans in a sermon…. If we scheduled a meeting for 6:00 PM, the Kenyan working with us would leave their home in plenty of time to be with us before 6:00 PM but along the way they would meet someone they did not intend to see… In America we would have told the person we could not stop because we would be late for the meeting… What did they do in Kenya? They, as Jesus did, would stop and talk AND if they met another after talking to that person, they would stop again… They would eventually get to where we were but they may have been one to two hours late because they stopped and impacted the lives of those that God placed in their path to be with us. To me, that is living a circular Christian life…. Keep our eyes on God…. Keep our ears open to hear Him at all times… I may start the day out linearly with a schedule but I will circularly and not worry if the schedule is kept according to the time I put on it.

  4. Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m visiting your blog for the first time because of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I’m glad I got the chance to “meet” you through your writing. I agree with your observation that “Sometimes, between birth and death, we really don’t actually live because we are driven from point to point.” Too often we are so focused on the past or the future that we don’t stop to live in the present, to take it all in and make the most of it.

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging comments. I was thinking today that the past paralyzes us as much as the future, with fear of what could happen of what if. Makes sense to trust the Lord and stay in the present with eyes on the future through Him.

  5. Circular Christianity is a new concept to me, but it makes perfect sense – and actually caused my hear to beat faster, in reading your article. Lately I’ve been “detoxing” from Time limitations. Sometimes I struggle so hard because I feel like I’m always behind! Interruptions can seem like irritations, when really they can be blessings or great opportunities to bless someone else.

    I really enjoyed this article – thank you so much!!!

    • I hear you and I agree with you. Frustration sets in so easily. I was thinking that it is all about grace and not law. Somedays will be easier than other because of the human factor – US! 🙂 I realized that if I am open and just breathe, sometimes stopping to pray, it helps a lot.

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