A River of Life – Creativity

life-move-on-moving-quote-Favim.com-687442.jpgJohn 7:38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. NKJV

Creativity is about flow and movement in life– what is in you, flowing out of you. The alternative to flow would be creativity trapped inside, with great potential, but growing lethargic and stagnant unable to be released. Creativity is about Jesus Christ in me. That is the foundation upon which my creative passion is founded, Christ in me in the power of Holy Spirit. He is like a river that flows, unhindered and free, through my life.

It is not about “Creativity? Maybe.” It is about “Creativity! Yes and now.” Creativity is not an option for Christians but is life itself. Our purpose – creatively flowing in the power of Holy Spirit in response to His voice directing you in your life along His path. There should be absolutely no hesitancy in believing you are creative. To deny this reality is to cease to believe Christ in you means exactly what it says – Christ in you, in me. He moves in our lives through many different and multifaceted ways. Step into your path in Christ. How? Listen. He will speak and lead the way.

My passion in writing this is simply because I believe Christians are to be creative, spontaneous, initiating and inventive. Instead, we often are robotic, mundane, wordy, and slow. Why is that? Well, over the years, we have conformed ourselves into religion and not been transformed by Christ. So, because of that, we have a form of Christianity that is worn out and in need of change. That is a broad statement, I know but there is no other way to say it.

Over the years, I have continuously heard from prophetic voices in the church that God is doing a new thing or that the face of the church is changing. I not only want to believe it but now is the time to walk it out in fresh vision, opening up to new ways to be the church. The foundation is secure in Christ, His finished work on the cross, His love and grace – foundational principles on which Christianity is formed. But what now? What next? Move out in heaven’s sound and build up in Christ. New architects coming on the scene to build with fresh vision and fresh innovation.

In my life, here is how I see it starting to begin. I am rejecting any idea that sounds old, robotic, or sticks to an old form. I am focused on Jesus and allowing Him to transform my mind so that I can hear a new way He may be telling us to go. How? Outside of set meetings, away from conference gatherings, discipleship creatively, businesses formed in Christ, and more. Remember I am taking you on this journey and I am walking day by day. When I go back to Finland, we are taking the time to wait on God in times of worship to see His vision and to hear His heart. I know it will be time well spent. I am very excited about all of this. 

12 thoughts on “A River of Life – Creativity

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  5. The “LAW” (Religion) is like a man made dam that blocks or limits the graceful flow of God’s creativity.

    As I began reading I saw the Hoover dam that has blocked the Colorado river and formed Lake Mead. When the Colorado river was allowed to flow as God intended it to flow the Grand Canyon was formed. When “Man” built the Hoover dam, lake mead was formed and God’s creativeness was halted…. No more continual building of a Grand Canyon. Now, at the point of the dam, the Colorado River does the same thing day after day after day…. Create electricity for Man.

  6. I like the idea of being open to hear the direction you are being called. And I also agree that creation stifled is an awful thing. Creativity brings about new thought, perhaps deeper thought, and lights new paths to stay fresh. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you. I know that Jesus came to establish Himself in a people, and unfortunately, religion loves to hunker down in building and traditions, which are not necessarily wrong in and of themselves, but there is a much more excellent way in knowing Him as the way to find your way in Him. Love what you said.

  7. Hi Debra, I’m visiting you from UBC. I don’t have a single religious thought in my silly head, but I do admire your faith. It is lovely and feels like you’re a really gentle woman. Take care and I hope you have a lovely week. 🙂

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