Get Real – Creativity in Crisis

Creativity flows best when you get real about your life. Look closely at your life. Stop running away from its imperfections. Look at it just as it is. Don’t always emphasize the positive as some sort of mantra that is repeated over and over to create a perfect life. Perfection in life is an illusion. Life is messy. Life is chaotic. That is what births a creative flow of genius in ideas. This reality is in the forefront of Scripture. When God said, “Let there be,” it was spoken into the midst of chaos and darkness. He brought order, His order, into time through a burst of creative light by the Holy Spirit.


I’ll let you into my life in a few short paragraphs. Shame and guilt ruled my life along with rejection, some persecution and a lot of condemnation. Creativity was blocked inside of me like a dam of water being held back in time. I held creative thoughts inside because I did not sense that they were worth anything to anybody. I lived like that for years. Then came my ‘aha’ moment, only it was a lot better than a moment. Jesus found me in all my mess. (Yes, it is all about Jesus for me.) In the midst of chaos, darkness and confusion, He restored my life into the wholeness of who He created me to be AND that includes those lost years of creativity in thought and in action. This is my passion in life – creativity and creative flow.

Being creative is messy because life is messy. I’ve lived a full life. I embrace the pain and the sorrow along with the joy and the peace because all of my inner reality births a flow of creativity from within me. Creativity outside of reality is contrived and it’s called advertising. Hahaha! That is not what I am talking about today. From my suffering, Christ brought beauty and continues to do this day by day. Anyone who runs from the chaos of life lives his or her life in an illusion. That’s not me.

There is so much ‘hyper self-talk” out there right now, trying to convince you that you can create a utopia of some sorts. Jesus is not a fairy Godfather who creates fantasy around you so that you can escape the pain. In Him, you look at who you really are and then His amazing love infuses you to walk in restoration and wholeness. In actuality, Jesus deconstructs you so that He can build you up again. Then, let the river flow. Let the water awaken my soul. Life is beautiful in the midst of my reality. I will not arrive at perfection. I am on this journey along with you. I intend to enjoy the journey and find this creativity that has eluded me for many years.

14 thoughts on “Get Real – Creativity in Crisis

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  3. Great! Great!  Word!  How awesome is our God.  How worthy to be worship is our Lord Jesus Christ.  The Power of HIs Grace passes our understand and enlightens the eyes of our heart. May we rejoice in all that our Father is doing in us. Love You! Pat

  4. I sat for a long time trying to think of something to say but it is all said in this blog… All that is required after reading it is action on our part… Time to remove the mask we wear to look like what we think others want to see us and allow God’s Love, as you stated above, to infuse us to walk in restoration and wholeness.

  5. ‘Perfection in life is an illusion.’ So true and I’ve been there. I tried to live a perfect like and it was so predictable. There was no creativity and no flow in my life, because fear hold me back. Thank God, He brought me out from religion into freedom and into Rivers of Eden. There is full Life in Christ and that means also creativity. Thank you for this blog. Keep writing my friend! 🙂

  6. I absolutely love what you write here Debra! Thank you! In the midst of all imperfection in me and my life, I suddenly just feel so happy! There is freedom and joy in midst of our “messy” life when we get real…. thanks for sharing!

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