Imagination – Creativity

Imagination – creativity; vision; inspiration; inventiveness; ingenuity; originality; innovation; fascination; passion; curiosity

I am all of the above. I can say that now but could not always say that. Fear paralyzed me, subdued me, and trapped me in its grasp for so long that I lost Debra along the way. This past week, after years of being a Christian, I had this ‘aha’ moment during a time of worship. Suddenly I knew that grace shifted my life to actually be this woman whom Christ called me to be, right now.

Creativity in Christ – my mandate and my mission in life. Yet, as I preached it, wrote it, thought it, and tried to move in it over the years, I did not really feel that I had actually grasped its understanding in my own life. When people questioned this burning passion in me, not quite understanding it, I felt rejected and alone. Worse yet, I felt that I was not taken seriously somehow and that this was a superfluous message in the Body of Christ.

Over the past 6 months, Jesus has been showing me through His word, visions, dreams revelation, and experiences that His vision in me is for such a time as this. I know that many out there are like me, creative types who think differently, express uniquely. Many have been hindered by fear. Others have been ousted in subtle ways from being creative in the Body of Christ. Still others take their gifts and use them where people will appreciate them, not in Christianity, which is often viewed as lackluster and boring.

The life of Christ in and through me is a path of truth, where creativity abounds in diverse ways. I want to gather with others who don’t limit Christianity to just words but employ visual expression. There is a bit of this right now in the Body of Christ but I don’t believe we have even scratched the surface of what is yet to come. When people came to our Rivers of Eden meetings, sometimes they just didn’t get our message and did not get us. So unfortunately, I turned to accommodate their acceptance of me and became what I was not created to be. Those days are over. Thank you Lord so very very much.

Jesus was imaginative in His expression of the Father on earth. His unique style of ministry is the launching platform for creativity in the Body of Christ. The Gospels are diverse and varied and unique in the style, form, and passion of Christ. To focus on Paul and the Epistles brings us into an awakening of grace and its freedom in Christ. But now, I want to look at Jesus – how He moved to the sound of heaven in the Spirit. As I said in the last blog, I am on this journey right now before your very eyes. It is not static but moving. The ministry that God gave to me, Rivers of Eden, has floundered for many years, trying to break out, break through, and be released into who He has made us to be. I have hit closed doors while other doors slammed in my face. I waited for God when there seemed to be silence. Is what I heard actually from God? Is there a Rivers of Eden?

I have my answer. Yes Rivers of Eden is alive but in need of being deconstructed to be built up in Christ Jesus, anew and afresh. Now I will walk in His way. Creativity, imagination, passion, the arts, music…………………’s a journey to explore creativity. Of course, I can’t do all of this. My call is to gather, to mentor creative people, to write, to live, to love, and to……….I will leave this open-ended. I see in the Holy Spirit. I hear the Holy Spirit. Writing more on this journey of creative expression in Christ day by day.

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