Onward, Upward, Moving Out

Rivers of Eden Earth Globe

Hi Everyone!

I am going to be switching over from riversofeden1.wordpress.com to just riversofeden1.com. over the next few days. So, having never done this before, if I lose some of you, please check soon and subscribe to the new address. It should all just transfer over and through, but I am sending this out today just for some info. 🙂

I have wanted to do this for some time, but decided to wait until after the Ultimate Blog Challenge finished on October 31. I have happy to say that I actually wrote 25 blog posts. Smiling about that!

So it is a new season for me. It seems that God always orchestrates my life in the fall to move into new things. He has done it again.  I am going to focus in 2014 on a clear sound which is creativity and expression in Christ. What is my desire? To flow in Rivers of Eden in a clear path, developing creative people, building a community where creatives join together (online and in person) and imparting a creative spark which fires up and out.  I hope you join me as I walk it out day by day into exactly that broad place that Jesus is leading me and each of you. It is time to see the visual manifestation of what has been beating in my heart as a passion for a long time. It is time for me to deconstruct the old and build up the new to reflect the passion in my heart. It is a year for change and challenge for those who walk alongside us and flow with us.

I have always believed and will continue to believe that Rivers of Eden will only flow in might and power to the extent that people jump into this river with a clear revelation of creativity in Christ in them, the hope of glory. In other words, I can’t do this alone and need others to help this river flow. How to do this? Time will tell – perhaps creative gatherings in Finland, the States and other nations, called out to places to impart revelation on creativity in Christ, an online presence of creatives who write, draw, create to the glory of God. Just some thoughts.

One more thing – I want to interact with those of you who will read these blog posts in 2014 – feel free to comment and let’s let the Lord lead the way. See you on the other side of riversofeden1.com

In Christ,


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