Authenticity, Vulnerability, Journey – Finland and So Much More

Finland Water Lone Tree‘Vulnerability leads to connection and connection is what gives purpose to our lives – we are hardwired to connect. In order to be seen, really seen, we have to be vulnerable.” Brene Brown

I am a Christian, stretching outside a box of confined Christianity that can limit me in many ways. My God is bigger than the box most people try to put Him in and me beside Him.  Way before Brene, Jesus said some beautiful words.  

John 8:32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. NKJV

Jesus is saying to follow in the way of truth. Truth is not a path of isolation and theory. Truth is the person of Jesus Christ. We are called into relationship, first with Him, and then with others. This is the currency of the Kingdom – relationship that births trust, honesty, transparency, acceptance and a lot of love. He valued and loved people, the outcasts, the down and outs, the misfits. He laid Himself out for all to see. So should we.

While here in Helsinki, my blog displays my humanity, vulnerability and transparency. It is me. I am happy about that. For the past 10 years in Finland, Marvin and I have tried to have relationship with people here but to date; we have very few friends that are even remotely interested in us being here. Now, for those reading this that may know me let me say that I realize I was ‘going through’ some crap years ago and perhaps was not always a nice person. But, hey, times have changed. We have changed. Yet, there are a few things going on in this nation. Many people won’t let you change. Many people will let you change but don’t forgive and forget and move on. Many people don’t know how to truly have relationship. I could give more reasons but I will stop at just three. There are many more reasons.

I am writing this to be free and stay free, moving in creativity and purpose in a nation to which God has called me into. Over the years, we have tried to reach out and even in 2012 when we lived here, we tried often but to no avail. So we have come to the conclusion, based upon our experience alone, many Finns we have met are not always open to ‘letting you into their lives”. Whew…it feels great to say that. It feels great to be honest. It just feels great.

What’s the deal with that? I believe freedom is a lot to handle for some people, especially people who are wounded, rejected, feeling unworthy, hiding behind alcohol or drugs, and on and on and on. We have met and continue to meet many different types here. For the most part, Finns like to stick to themselves, or relationships that make them comfortable. Well, if I truly want to spend more time here, then perhaps I have to make the first move for those who are called to know me, truly know me, and enter into relationship with me for the purpose of life in God’s kingdom. Remember, we believe the past is the past, not just towards seeing me, BUT ALSO in me seeing each of you. Don’t hide reading this blog okay? It’s time to talk. So why don’t you make a comment below? Be vulnerable. Be open. Be real. Be transparent and honest. I will accept you. You accept me, okay. Be gracious though, okay?

I know many Finns are reading this because……….the stats show that to be true. Without going into great details, it is time to shift the paradigm of isolation, leaning into religion, and stripping away the façade of pain and depression. I want YOU……………respond, comment, and be free. I can only do this for so long. My life in Finland depends on each of you. Why else am I here? I am not on an island living in isolation. Relationship, moving in Jesus Christ, in creativity depends a lot on whether I stay or leave.

So please leave the past behind – for me and for yourself. Or perhaps you don’t even know me and perhaps you are not even from Finland but reading this from another country…WELCOME…can you find yourself anywhere in this blog? I sure hope so. Let’s talk. For me, just a comment would birth wonderful things in this nation. 

4 thoughts on “Authenticity, Vulnerability, Journey – Finland and So Much More

  1. Hugging you with my heart – keep hitting at that traditional garbage that surrounds so much with His Grace and Wisdom. Many are your rewards as you once again reach out in love bringing and reconciliation unity to the Body of Christ

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