Creative Expression – Be Intentional, Nothing Less!

Be IntentionalHoly Spirit leads and guides my life, He is intentional in every way. Jesus was intentional in His walk while on earth, listening to the Father in heaven, only doing what the Father was doing. So, you may figure out that the word I am going to focus on is Intentional. Be intentional.

Over the past few weeks, I have seen this word before me in books, articles, on TV commercials and probably a few other places that I don’t remember. Since I am an outrageous visual learner, when Holy Spirit wants to grab my attention, He lights up words, ideas, or pictures and eventually, my eyes take notice, my ears start to listen, and I choose to sit still in a relaxed mode of attention to hear what the Spirit of God wants to say to me.

Intentional: done on purpose, deliberate, knowing, willful, purposeful, conscious intended, meant, planned

Holy Spirit is intentional in His guidance for our lives. To flow creatively does not mean being without plan or purpose. I choose to be creative, to think creatively, and to move creatively. In doing that with a conscious decision, I walk in His way. How did this all get started? (By the way, I am very very excited about this path of creativity more than at any other time. Before me lies an adventure I have been craving for a long time.) Now how did this get started?

Well, books are my passion. While reading Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley, these words below lit up in front of me. A light bulb was turned on that began to flash as if saying, “Look at this! Do you see? Stop! Look!” Like I said, I had already been seeing the word ‘intentional’ over the past few weeks. So I took notice with wholehearted attention at this paragraph.

Quote - Intentional

My path for 2014 is focused on being intentional, not living a life that constantly reverts to the safety of ‘default mode’. My life is formed on creativity and perhaps I am starting a bit later than many of you, but I am going for it with a fully focused heart and mind…in Christ. God, Jesus  Christ, Holy Spirit created in me, is creating in me and will create in me and through my life, an intentional glorious life. I will be intentional in 2014 in setting my feet on His path, going His way, and not looking back. Creator God is the ultimate designer. He designed my life to flow in His way.

This is firm in me. Why? Because for too long, I have been charismatically inclined to relate everything to the Spirit as just waiting on God, looking for God, standing for God. Sometimes that thinking is a bunch of crap, to be quite honest with you. I said sometimes. And now  it is a now time for me. Now, God is saying to move in the reality of what is and what will be by following His Spirit INTENTIONALLY.

So, this morning I sat on my couch, praying, worshiping, and writing what I hope to accomplish in 2014. As Christians we look to the Holy Spirit for direction, a path that leads us in the person of Christ, the way, the truth and the life. I don’t want dead ends anymore that lead me to places out-of-the-way of the passion and desires that God places within my being. He works His desires through my life AND gives me a broad place in which to walk it out. What do I mean by that?

Do Something AmazingGod is intentional about our lives by imparting His passions into us that form who we are deep inside. To find that place of knowing, of knowing Him, allows us to find out our creative spark, our bent, and our purpose in life. That shifts, changes and evolves in time so we move with Him. Yet it is all foundationally grounded in Christ and His intentions for our lives. Up until this point, I have flowed one way and it has been awesome. But now…(I love that word now)…………now I am shifting into a path that has been built upon every glorious experience that I encountered over the years. It’s all intentional, whether I understand it, figure it out, or know all the why’s and how come’s and what if’s. My life is intentional simply because He knows me, forms me, and is in me. That is so good, so very good.

Mentoring in creativity………that’s all I know about this first step. Moving in creativity in writing, photography and a few other things. (Here’s a great blog from the past – A River of Life.) So I pray these blogs challenge you to come out, rise up, move out and BE. That’s enough. Just don’t stand still anymore. It’s time. My creative confidence is building because I am acknowledging that I don’t want to fall back into a rut, or a default mode of doing things the same old way so by that very admission of truth, I will see doors open before me. I will walk through them. That is my choice. I have so much to write about creativity so keep walking with me. Thanks for your patience on this wandering journey.

Let me ask you this. What will you be intentional about in 2014 so that at the end of the year, you can look back and see something real and tangible that has formed in your life, adding richness, depth, meaning and so much more? How about just one thing?

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