Creative Expression – Still Intentional, Without Any Religious Undertones

freedom-in-christWhen I speak about being intentional, I am not seeking to manipulate any favor from God through performance on my part in any religious striving. Yet, I also want to say that years of being charismatically inclined also taught me to strive for breakthrough or cry out in prayer rooms to reach that ‘tipping point’ of favor or release. That is not being intentional. That is striving. That is seeking to receive from God as if God was distant, unloving, uncaring, or simply not listening. I pray, I worship, yet now it is from a position of rest in Christ. There is a big difference, a very big difference.

I am in rest, knowing that God is intentional about loving me, knowing me, and having an intimate relationship with me. He sent His Son, Christ Jesus who walked in an intentional path to the cross so that when He cried, “It is finished” He meant it. It is finished. That is my foundation in which I receive what has been given to me in Christ. From that position of rest, I see His intentionality about me, in Christ.

When I walk in the intention of God’s pure love for me in Christ, I see and know that my life takes a wonderful path in which it is intended to be. I am His workmanship, in Christ Jesus. He is my creator. He formed and fashioned my life. In the finished work of the cross, my journey starts in Christ, not through works but in love and peace. I find my way in Him on this earth, neither by striving nor forcing the issue. I find my way by focus on Him and living, each day, each moment.

No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing (Ephesians 2:10 Message)

To be intentional is quite obvious to me. Each morning I get up, renewed with life in Christ. My outward circumstances may shift and change with each passing day, yet Christ is alive. He is my life. That revelation takes time settling in my spirit. Over the years, my Christian walk was a contradiction to the finished work of the cross. I was such a striver, as well as a religious charismatic zealot, filled with exuberance to put more bondage on people in the name of Christ. To break those chains of excessive performance in me takes time. So, this blog is in process. On one side I am free each day through His life flowing in and through me. On the other side is how to move in this revelation, purging out all the good ideas that took me nowhere and landed me continually in dead ends.

Grace awakens me and continues to awaken me to the person of Christ and His life lived in me. There is no hyper grace. There is only grace.

There are no 10 step plans to achieve this revelation. Just believe it for Scripture affirms it over and over. It’s simply a matter of opening out eyes to what God intended for us in Christ and opening my eyes to the Living Word revealing the Word to me and through me.

My life still focuses on doing new tasks, assignment, and passions each day. I don’t sit around in a nebulous state of meditation, segregating myself from the world. That is ridiculous. My life in Christ means I go forth. I move out. I live. I touch people and the touch me back. Everywhere I walk. Everywhere I go, He is in me. In the processing of this truth, I am still in progress, detoxing from religion and saturating myself in God’s love for me and His purpose for His life flowing through me.

creative-sparkThis is where my creativity comes alive. This creative bent is so deep in me that the cry of my heart is to now walk in that deep flowing river inside of me. I may sound repetitious as I say this over and over, but it is only because I am in this process of discovering authentic Christianity.

What does the life of Christ actually look like flowing through Debra Westbrook or through you? I am not sure I actually know. For years, I followed the party line of the ‘right’ way to go, forgetting the passions in my heart that had been placed there by God. Now my Christianity is solely based upon Christ. In Him, I have the way, the truth and life. What I am discovering, as this excess is being purged out of me, is that place of stillness and quiet for this season. This place of rest comes outside even the confines of emotion that can stir me up but produce very little results in the long run. This revelation, so pure, so beautiful, Christ in me, the hope of Glory.

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