Creative Expression: A Never Ending Story

Life cannot be understood through a timeline of events. Events are just events, points on a line in time. Birth, death, marriage, or divorce are just a few examples of points on the timeline that we call life. The years come and go. Each day can pass without any meaning. By the time you know it, life has come and gone and you can’t help but wonder what it was all for, where it went, and what now?

freedom-in-christHow do I see my life? How do I want to impact time, here and now? It seems that I have been wandering for many years now. That is not a good thing but can often be the breeding ground of disillusionment or discouragement. This blog, from this point forward, is flowing from me. So who is me? And what makes me different that you would want to read anything about me?

I don’t want to refer to these posts as a patchwork quilt, piece-by-piece, varied and different with the whole making the final statement of a picture.

That’s not me. I am more eclectic than that. I am chaotic at times and my musings will throw me off balance, so I try to reel them in and then I feel compromised and complacent. I want to make you think and reflect. I want to stir up questions that make you see beyond the surface of the words to find something of eternal value and beauty. To do that, I have had to walk away from other’s expectations and my own fears to move in ‘me’.

I am perhaps like some of you – visually inclined to see and observe with stories and pictures running through my head in color. Of course, can I say that this part of me, of Debra, was not actually accepted for many years? That is why I lost myself and tried to be acceptable, understood and balanced. Well, I am quite often the opposite to all of that. I tend to be quirky and offset and intense. So this blog of Creative Expressions will be various creative expressions – stories, videos, pictures, and so much more. That keeps my creative energies stirring round and round, flowing, moving and just being.

to_be_or_not_to_be_by_sharp_negative-d3f1qr5 The foundation of my life is Christ Jesus. I keep trying to speak to this issue of creativity in the church and walking in creativity in Christ Jesus. I am not sure many are getting it so I have a choice. I can be the norm or I can walk ahead of the pack and believe that Christians will rise up into the creative expression in Christ, venturing out into unexplored vistas of possibilities. I will go and start walking now, right now. I will post at least 3 times a week, asking Holy Spirit to ignite this creativity in me so that each blog post will stir each of you with a smile, a tear and laughter. Some will be serious and forthright as a lion coming out in me. Others will be spontaneous. Others will be visual. That is ‘me’. Not a patchwork quilt, per say, but rather like a never-ending story in process as the Lord keeps forming me and anointing me for the quirky.

 So my next post will be about a vision, a story, a cracked mirror and facing disillusionment head on. Enjoy this journey with me!

How about you? How can you make 2014 more internally creative? It’s not about a creative act. It’s about YOU, being creative in Christ.

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