Sink, Swim, or Walk on Water? Which Will It Be?

arghhOkay, today is a new day. I read my Facebook wall and I am so tired of all the Christianese talk, Scripture verses and opinions on everything from the second coming to the performances at the Grammy’s. Right now,  I am just going to ramble and talk. In fact, I am just writing this out as I am thinking. Enjoy!

When did fear get into me that I stopped speaking what I know God is telling me to speak? When did I start feeling invisible as most women over 60 feel? It has got to stop and if it does not stop, I will fade into oblivion while I am still alive. There is a lesson in all of this from the Lord. You may not understand this post but if you listen with the ears of the Spirit, whatever age or gender you are, you will understand.

There is so much crap out there right now that people don’t know if they are coming or going. The cry of the heart in many is the same cry that David cried when he faced Goliath.

“Is there not a cause?”

So much more coming……………….

We, many of us, people in general, are letting fear lead the way. The way out is of that fear to get to that point where the overflow of life coming out of you is so strong that you can’t help but speak and not keep it in. That is where I am today and so I have found my path in the next installments of this blog journey.

Lots of prophecies came forth calling forth the mothers and the fathers. They are so desperately needed today to speak to the ‘stuff’ that abounds in many who have lost their way due to cultural crap that accosts their senses and dulls discernment beyond measure. Many partake of things, rolling with the crowd, without any sense of direction.

Wisdom says that many have lost their way, their bearings in the ups and downs of life. These ‘many’ are dictated to by a few who lead the way and say what is right and what is wrong through the lens of elitist privilege of having lots of money but little if any wisdom.

So much more to say but let me stop and get my bearing in my own way right now. I realize that on a blog, content may be king but in this case it’s more important for me just to flow and along the journey, something great will form.

In Christ, Debra

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