Creative Potential Released As We Gather In Christ

I am heading to Calgary to visit a friend, Theora. February is a turning month for me. My steps are ordered by the Lord in Holy Spirit, taking me into a new place. An extended invitation and an immediate acceptance leaves me in awe of all that God has planned for me. So will be taking a few days off from blogging and will be back soon.

When we gather in Christ, we need Holy Spirit. Each gathering has a creative potential in Christ as we follow the Spirit’s lead to manifest creatively through visions, prophetic worship, revelation, art, dance and more. Leaders led by Holy Spirit are like orchestra conductors, waiting to see the creative expression of the symphony in motion in and through God’s people. That requires trust and leaning into Holy Spirit. Christianity is creative and expressive in Christ.

PaintbrushBy His hand, God creates a path in front of us and as we follow Holy Spirit, we walk on that path. In most gatherings in Christ, as I have said numerous times, Holy Spirit is left behind and quite often leaders go on without even knowing they are moving by their design and not God’s design.

A few good articles to read and challenge us.

The Spirit Led Church

Why People Don’t Operate In The Gifts

I am resolute in my focus on these things. Why? In my own experience in ministry, I find as Holy Spirit leads, the atmosphere is creative, expressive and glorious, reaching out to touch the heart of people. Let me give you an example

Recently in a prayer meeting in Rivers of Eden, I saw the hand of God before me in a vision. He was holding a writing instrument and began to write in the atmosphere into which I was looking a simple word – SWIRLING!

TO SWIRL: to move around or along with a whirling motion; whirl; eddy, to cause to whirl; twist; any curving, twisting line, shape, or form.

As He began to write this word, this word in the spiritual atmosphere began to swirl itself, moving and taking on many multi-faceted colors before my spiritual eyes. These colors were infused within the word that I was watching form before me by the hand of God. God was creating something in the building that night right in the midst of His people. The Creator was creating and showing me His process in this in a creative way to me. And He was revealing it to me and watching over it to accomplish the purpose for which it was being sent. The word SWIRLING began to take on life. A creative flow from the hand of God began to flow through this word as the Lord was watching over His word to create something in the atmosphere for us.

Suddenly the word itself SWIRLING was touched by the hand of God and it began to shatter into thousands of pieces in what appeared to be beads that fell to the ground of the building that we have in Finland. When all these shattered pieces fell to the ground, they disintegrated before my eyes into the very foundation of our building.

What I began to discern was that what I was seeing before me was the hand of God revealing to us what He Himself was doing that night in the building. He was doing this in a creative fashion through a distinct vision, rather than choosing to use some other means of revelation. I kept pondering why this was taking place this way and then it occurred to me. The heart of ministry in Christ, for me, is to challenge people to BE the creative expresion of Jesus Christ. God is creative and He has drawn people into His creativity  that are creative expressions of His glory. He is calling forth the musicians, the dancers, the artists, the inventors, the entrepreneurs and more.  Blessed with spiritual vision to see and spiritual ears to hear a creative God and to step out in what they see or hear through the creative medium of music, art or dance, business, writing, photography and more – all to His glory. This is the cry of my heart. To see a creative God express Himself creatively through His people.

This particular night God began to reveal Himself to us by giving me a visual demonstration of what He was doing in our midst. Because He watches over His word to perform it, we then discovered that there was a SWIRLING of His glory that began to be among us as we danced with creative expression, prophesied about His glory using verbal declarations in Scripture while our arms moved in a swirling motion through the atmosphere. I can go on and on. I pray that you get the picture here.

God can and will use many different creative means of expression in the days ahead to bring forth the creative expression of His glory. We have seen such a small measure of it up until this point. I have always known that Rivers of Eden was being formed by the hand of God all these years and I was, so many times, unable to define or explain it other than to say that we shall see the creative expression of God in our midst. In other words the Word shall be preached in power and accuracy but the difference is that God will show us the medium – through the dance, through music or the arts. God has many ways of getting His point across. We don’t want to limit Him in any way but to allow Him to do whatever He wants to do in and through us.

Enjoy the Journey!

Debra Westbrook

DebraPlease pray and consider having Rivers of Eden minister in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. This is our year of release wherever and whenever God opens His doors bringing His grace and His glory through us to those to whom we are called in this season. You can contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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