Creative Expression – Missing Pieces and Restoration Part 2

Life can often be like a puzzle. There are often missing pieces blocking our vision from seeing the ‘whole’ picture. Again, this is reality, not a cliché. Just because there are missing pieces, it does not necessarily follow that you have to stand still before you venture out in faith, walking towards the “whole’. Yet, on the other hand, we have to realize that those missing pieces are pieces that only Holy Spirit can only put together and creatively orchestrate so we should not attempt to make anything fit. That won’t work either.

I have done both in my life. For Rivers of Eden Ministry, I looked at these missing pieces throughout the years of waiting and have attempted to help God fulfill the vision in my life. I tried to get these pieces to fit by having meetings, networking, renting buildings, etc. Yet no one came and it seemed not many cared or even saw us. The ministry did not grow. And, I still was looking at a puzzle with missing pieces.

Then I backed out of it all. I got angry at God and judged Him as being unfaithful and unloving.  With all my stomping around with fists raised to the sky, it did not help.  When the dust settled, there were still missing pieces. What to do now?

Trust and believe God.  While carrying the seed of promise inside of you, continue to trust and believe and live. Not always easy but for me there is no self-induced abortion of the vision through anger or regret. There is also no premature birth, trying to sustain in my own time what God has fully promised for another time. It is all in God’s hands.

This is a time of restoration for many of us. It is real and it is true and it is now.

This post pretty much sums it all up for me. There are hidden promises ready to be revealed in His time. Timing is crucial and is used to build up my faith and trust in God. My problem was quite simple. Can I say it like this? Because I did not trust my own father to follow through, I did not trust God the Father to follow through. So perhaps my accusations aimed at God in times past were really accusations coming from the depth of my own heart at my earthly father. Hmmmm, that is  true. I am happy to say that there was complete restoration and healing and love before my dad passed away. That is a true miracle.

So I am throwing out a lot of random thoughts that have been stirring in me for some time. Perhaps it will help your own journey into your promise. I surely don’t think I have the whole picture, yet, but I am walking in a current revelation of belief that what God said to me many years ago will come to pass and is coming to pass because He is faithful.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

Debra and ChloeRivers of Eden Ministry is called to prophetically minister into the nations, challenging people to a life of creativity in Christ. We (Marvin and I) travel into gatherings, home groups or churches as led by Holy Spirit. in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. We look forward to hearing from you if you sense that Rivers of Eden is called to minister in your area. Contact us on Rivers of Eden Facebook, Facebook or Twitter.

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