Creative Expression – For The Ladies (and Men) In The House

Below are some great quotes from Danny Silk. He wrote an awesome book, Powerful and Free, on the equality of women in the church. Even though I would like to say that we should no longer even have to deal with this, the reality is that we are dealing with this. So, I choose to keep on walking in my equality and freedom in Christ not letting anything hold me back. May these quotes serve as a source of encouragement for each of you, both men and women.

When Eve was taken from Adam’s side, she was formed as a suitable partner, she was given the same authority and mission as her husband. She was not diminished or limited by her relationship to Adam. She was fully empowered in their relationship

By valuing male characteristics more than female ones, we have created an environment where it is very difficult for a woman to be successful and influential without suppressing her femininity. When women have to become like men in order to be trusted and empowered, it is a lose -lose scenario. Men miss out on the dimensions of God conveyed by femininity, and women are not fulfilled because they’re trying to be something they’re not.

Women actually had greater perception regarding who Jesus was, and they acted on their perception while the men reacted to the situation in fear. Then men took off running, but the women kept following Jesus and stayed with Him even as He was crucified.

After Jesus died and was buried, the women continued following Him. Could it be, that women rather than men, were the ones to discover the empty tomb because of their spiritual intuition? Why else would they be drawn to visit and linger in such a dangerous place while the disciples were hiding in fear in their homes?

God told us that He created both men and women to bear His image, meaning that if we only allow men to have the influence in our churches, we are only valuing half of who God is and what He has place in humanity.

Equality is expressed through partnership. Women love the Church and want to be apart of it. They do not want to be regulated to a SIDE group. They need and want to run as equals with men.

Because God chose a woman to bring the Redeemer into the world, the devil declared war on woman. At a spiritual level, this is why we have a history for of underdeveloped and abused women. God deposited the solution to humanity’s hopelessness, the champion who would finally vanquish the deceiver and end his war, within a woman… without a man’s involvement.

“Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak”…….. In this passage of scripture Paul is not affirming a universal “SHUT UP” to all women in the church. In fact, in the same letter to the Corinthians, Paul referred positively to women praying and prophesying in church meetings, which definitely included speaking. Paul was addressing the disorder of CERTAIN women who are constantly speaking out and distracting the service and presentation of the Gospel. Paul was not dealing with the fact that they were speaking, but that they were keeping unbelievers who might attend the meetings from hearing a clear message.

It was only appropriate that Jesus commissioned Mary, a former demon possessed, outcast woman, as His first apostle to announce that patriarchy had received it’s deathblow and the new Kingdom of freedom, love, and restoration had been established.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

DebraRivers of Eden Ministry is called to prophetically minister into the nations, challenging people to a life of creativity in Christ. We (Marvin and I) travel into gatherings, home groups or churches as led by Holy Spirit. in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. We look forward to hearing from you if you sense that Rivers of Eden is called to minister in your area. Contact us on Rivers of Eden Facebook, Facebook or Twitter.

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