Creative Expression – Soundproof Rooms – A Vision, A Lesson

Words Words WordsSoundproof rooms – sounds a bit strange to me, or so I thought, but during worship, I actually had a distinct vision of this type of room. It goes something like this:

I was in a soundproof room. I began to speak – words of promise, words of destiny, words filled with faith. Over time, I realized that this room’s energy tried to contain and restrain my voice. The words seemed to be crashing against the ceiling, bouncing off of the walls, and clashing into each other. My initial response was to speak louder and louder but it did not seem to help. The louder I spoke, the more tired I became. I realized that I was expending a lot of energy. So, I stopped. I was silent, staring around at words that were life to me, yet they were going nowhere.

The silence itself then came to life, if that makes any sense to you. It does to me so try to see this in Holy Spirit. The silence itself came to life. It was deafening and somewhat accusatory in its depth. It seemed to be laughing at me, taunting me to try again, to speak louder. Trapped in this place, there seemed to be breakthrough. I was in a constrained and conflicted place with no way out except through the Lord Himself.

The words continued to move around when suddenly it was as if they turned to look at me. As I sat there awhile, I began to see that the very words that were life to me actually became my accusers as they taunted me.  It was if they were talking to me saying things like this:

“So where is your God? Doesn’t He see you know? Traveling to the nations right? From where, this room? He’s a liar. He deceived you. He never meant to fulfill these promises. Has God really said? Can He be trusted? You are a fool.”

The room became a cacophony of sound that assaulted me on all sides. At times it became almost unbearable. What do I do? Suddenly I heard these words crash into my spirit amidst the noise, words of truth and life.

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it. (1 Thessalonians 5:24 NKJV)

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “ With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 NKJV)

This was a demonic attack to silence me and to kill my voice. This vision confirmed that which my heart already knew but was unable to truly see. To defeat this requires authority in Holy Spirit, to believe that He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. So instead of shouting excessive words, trying to prove to myself and to whatever was trying to keep me there that I had authority, I simply waited.

Instead of speaking, I began to worship God. In time, faith filled my heart to know that this place of confinement was demonically induced and demonically empowered through deception and lies. The power of Christ in me is the key to breakthrough. Sometimes as crazy as it seems, I forget that simple truth. I opened my mouth and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to go, to leave.”

SoundwaveSimple words. I actually believed what I was saying. I did not cringe in hopelessness or doubt or unbelief. I believed He is able and willing and gracious and kind and loving to release me from this place. And He did.

The roof lifted off. Not quietly but with a loud ‘swoosh’ as when air rushes into a place that is like a vacuum or a void. The air of Holy Spirit rushed in and His life breathed into me again with a rush of air full and free. Something broke. I know it.

That is the end of my vision. I won’t explain it because if you are in a place like this, I truly believe you get the point. You may ask or wonder why I did not see this earlier or why I could not have done this sooner. Why wait so long in this position? I am not sure. I don’t have an answer for that. I only know that God’s ways are perfect and so is His timing. For all I know, He may have been ready a long time ago to do this but I was not. I became bogged down in disillusionment and discouragement, dulling my spiritual senses. But, today is a different story.

If you find yourself in a similar place, perhaps you may want to add a comment below. There are many in these days that the enemy is trying to silence. I talk to many people day by day who feel invisible, ignored, and lost. What was the greatest lesson for me in all of this? It’s quite simple. My words are simply words without my source being in Christ, with my belief in Christ. The words of Jesus are spirit, life and truth. They bring light into all situations to set the captives free. In this case, it was me who was the captive. And, it can be you. I could not say any words, but the right words empowered by light, love, light, and truth. And, I had to believe He is able to do this through me.

I can expound a lot on this but I am learning that the prophetic shines brightly when I leave you with room to think, room for you to fill in the blanks in your own story. There will be more battles to come in the future. For now, this is a victory.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

Debra and ChloeRivers of Eden Ministry is called to challenge people to a life of creativity, revelation and intimacy in Christ. Marvin and I look forward to hearing from you, allowing us the opportunity to minister in the grace and love of Christ in your gathering, church, home group or conference.  Currently we are planning a trip to Kenya in July in which we are looking forward to establishing new relationships with leaders for a Kingdom purpose. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.


3 thoughts on “Creative Expression – Soundproof Rooms – A Vision, A Lesson

  1. Oh thank you Lord for some understanding! Today I knew that I prayed into a lady at the leading and direction of Holy Spirit, and I knew that there was great opposition working in her though she said I was welcome to pray for her. And I knew that God’s power was present. But my minds eye it was like there was “so little power” that the wall of arthritis and demonic thinking blocked the love of God that I knew God was desiring to move into her. I thank you Lord that i don’t have to question You…or fight the enemy, but I can truly rest in sweet assurance that YOU WILL DO ALL YOU ARE in that lady…that you went forth, you have revealed your Love and we will see a breakthrough! Thank you Lord!!

  2. It has taken time and silence for me to realize that those words, “Has God really said or Did God really mean”, are deceiving words only spoken by the deceiver to bring doubt into your mind. I do not know if it has happened to Debra or not but, as a spouse walking in the same vision from God, I have even heard the question “Did Debra really hear that from God?”. All the tools to bring doubt into a vision and/or even a relationship. It is when I hear words similar to those that now a “Light” comes on and I remain in silence to hear God in a stronger voice.

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