In Sync With Your Spiritual Senses – Part 3

Holy Spirit GiftsChristianity is supernatural – the Word and the Spirit. I walk in a natural world in a supernatural bent. To live in sync with my spiritual senses, I am not ‘on call’ as if I have to strive to BE spiritual. A lot can be learned from mentors, books, and conferences but the greatest teacher is Holy Spirit who reveals Christ in me, to me, and through me. I do not fragment or separate my spirituality into a section of time on my calendar as if it is external to me. He is my life and my outflow of supernatural life flows from this reality. I only have to learn, by Holy Spirit, to BE. From that being flows a glory of doing. This is where I am right now as visions and supernatural words are increasing in my life.

John 16:13-15
However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.

Living and moving from a position of being seated in heavenly places does not take a concerted effort as if one would learn some new technique or skill. God ordained that we would learn to BE from times of intimacy with Him. I didn’t always sit at the feet of mentors, hoping to catch what they had and have it miraculously imparted to me. I had to learn, be teachable and then move out. To move in Christ, one has to walk more than sit – one has to move in faith, seeing what can’t always be seen and hearing what is being spoken from heaven. Walking in the spirit, for me, simply means that through times of intimacy (prayer, worship, meditation in His Word) there comes an outflow of life. All the rest flows in this river without giving much thought to it at times. From being in His presence, being in union in Christ, we flow in Holy Spirit wherever we are. I practice the presence of God.

When there are days when I find myself ‘out of sync’ with Him, I only have to stop, breathe and relationship is restored in the blink of an eye. It only feels like we have been ‘out of sync’ with Him, perhaps due to the world’s noise or daily interruptions. He never leaves us or forsakes us.

As I move in my day, I am learning to see and hear what Holy Spirit is saying to me, whether I am in worship in my office or at Costco. Some holy moments have occurred in my life in Costco.

Christ in YouWhile in Costco one day, my eyes were drawn supernaturally to a young woman, checking out, with a baby-sitting in her basket. The baby seemed to have some sort of problem but I could not discern at the time. I only knew that all I was doing was checking out in the aisle next to her when my spiritual eyes opened and God simply nudged me, “Do you see her? I want you to encourage her today.” I was present in the moment, not distracted by external noise – present in the moment in Christ.

There always comes a bit of trepidation and fear as God tells you to jump out of the boat. I have been walking in this way for years and my heart still beast faster as I step out in faith.  After all, who wants someone to come up to you and say, “God has a word for you”. I have also had people look at me as if I should be locked up. So, over the years, I learned to change my delivery to being naturally supernatural.

I had to wait outside Costco that day because her line was a bit slower than mine. Eventually she came outside. What to do? In a split second one decides to move in faith or stand in fear. I am a lion at heart and for the most part, I don’t mind looking like a fool. I gently stopped her and began to prophesy over her child and her.

The words, to me, seemed quite simple and gentle, but within her, they resounded like an earthquake. She stood, eyes wide open, with tears welling up. I can’t remember exactly every word I said,  but it had to do with what she was facing with her baby who, I believe had some type of challenge, whether autism or something like that. She began to cry and immediately said to me, “Come with me.” We moved over a few feet.  She then asked me to keep an eye on her baby while she called her mom. She began speaking to her mom about what I had just said to her and then promptly handed the phone to me.

As I took the phone, the woman on the other end began crying and laughing at the same time. She began to tell me that she had been praying for her daughter for years about all they had walked through as a family. Her daughter, so touched that God truly saw her, told her mom on the phone that a woman, sent by God in Costco, just spoke directly to her heart.

There was lots of joy that day on both parts. I never saw the woman again but I did not need to. I only needed to be obedient to Holy Spirit so that a life would be changed. I only pray that someone would do the same for me.

This is a simple story. Many of you have done this and more in your life. Bravo!! And many of you long to move out of a comfortable place of religion to walk in life. Be brave and courageous in Christ. Let’s let Holy Spirit breathe and flow again with spontaneity and surrender. Life is beautiful this way.

cropped-10177248_755497004490453_3881209406351311543_n.jpgIn Christ,

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1 thought on “In Sync With Your Spiritual Senses – Part 3

  1. We need to learn to move as the Holy Spirit directs and get away from the teaching that makes us Pew sitters. Then, and only then, will we see Christ moving through us.

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