What’s Love Got To Do With It? (3) What Does Love Sound Like?

What does love sound like? Does love sound gentle and sweet? Yes. Does love sound strong and challenging? Yes. There are many creative ways Jesus expresses His life through people. Find your expression.

cropped-1images1.jpgThe expression of love through my life flows from Holy Spirit revealing Christ in me. Therefore, I can speak with strength and I can also speak quite gently and soft. Either one has its place. It is as Holy Spirit leads me. Let me say though that love is not always soft and gentle. Love is not always strong and loud. Love IS………..the expression of Christ in me flowing through my life.

Love flows through me uncompromised according to the Spirit’s directive. Love flows through me as the Spirit sees what people need to hear to change and grow. Let’s learn to flow in love in words of the Spirit coming forth in power and strength.

I used to be an angry person. I say ‘used to’ simply because I see quite a change in me. I am called to challenge people to grow, mature and get healed to walk in their destiny. That takes strong words at time, much like a mother would speak to her own kids. My inner anger got in the way of my love expression.

Matthew 12:34
For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

My words revealed my anger residing in the depths of my heart. I could discern the right things. I could see right inside a person’s heart. I could prophesy with extreme accuracy but my method of communication conveyed a harshness at times. I loved deeply. But for love to flow from me, it had to go through polluted waters of anger, pain, and deep rejection. For some time, love was dammed up behind walls of insecurity and pain. My heart needed to be opened by love to flow forth in its strength. Nothing to prove now, nothing to lose.

Love-And-Christian-Free-Wallpaper-Colossians-1-27-678x508Leaders in the Body of Christ should realize that unless their own walls are brought down, love never flows forth in strength. Love may be deep inside the person but flowing out it goes around inner wounds and insecurities. It may then flow in compromise; fear of man, or simply to please people to be liked or to grow a congregation. There is no strength of love in this.

Love is honest in its expression and it flows from a heart that has been ripped open in God’s love. Nothing to prove, nothing to lose. Authentic Christianity flows through love and until we get that, the world doesn’t truly see us as we are meant to be seen. It does not see the image of Christ. We definitely need a new love expression where we focus only on Christ, not man.

So, have I morphed into this gentle sweet woman of God? Well, not exactly like that. I sense in my heart I am named Debra for a reason. I am strong. I just had to learn how to move in love’s strength, not my own.

You may be a gentler sort of person. That’s okay. The Body of Christ needs all of us. As God was healing me, I wanted to be kinder and gentler. I tried to be softer and serene. I really tried but somehow it never came out that way. You see, Christ’s love expression through my life is exactly as it should be. There is no qualifying as to how God created me. Here’s how it went. At the beginning of my Christian walk, I relished being hard edged, prophesying and getting it all out. I loved that power. Then God took me through a refiner’s fire and I lost everything that I felt defined me inside. It seemed that I was so empty. Then I came out and love changed my heart. I am still loud, passionate and strong. I am more tempered, shall we say? Love changed my heart but my expression is still forthright, filled with growing wisdom.

People from my past may still call me angry. Why? Perhaps they are waiting for an expression of love through me that I simply don’t walk in right now. They want love to be as they deem it to be – kind, soft spoken, gentle. That is great if that is how God created you to be. It’s just not me. I talk loud. I laugh loud. I talk too much. But, I see people’s calling and destiny and I speak to how God sees them- not how they see themselves, restricted by pain and wallowing in self-pity.

What I want to get across is that love has many expressions. In order to receive, so that we may grow up in Christ, love speaks strongly in ways that may offend those who are unwilling to hear truth. They themselves have their own blockages that need to come down and there are times, soft words just don’t cut it. I am not saying to sound forth in rudeness or harshness but even strong words, spoken to offended people come across as harsh when they are not.

I am finding my voice and I like it. I pray that you find yours.

In Christ

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