One Way

TruthThis is all so much bigger than me. This thing called life and the working out of it all. It’s best to walk in humility and grace as I apprehend truth and revelation. Trying to defend my corner of the world, I can find myself upended when God reveals Himself to me in a way that I don’t expect or even comprehend. Life as I know it, walk it, and see it is so much bigger than me. Life is breathtaking, awesome, magnificent and majestic in Christ. I need some awesome again.

There are seasons of life where my foundational beliefs flow in life again, not just lodged in the area of my heart on a shelf called “What I should Know by this Time”. Foundational beliefs are easily challenged in the realm of social media, tolerance at all costs, new trends, opinions, arguments, images and input from every diverse opinion on the planet easily flows. Facebook can crack my foundations and try to get me to believe that what I believe is not quite right, not quite open-minded enough, not quite true.

I deactivated Facebook for now. How long? Long enough for me to get my personal bearings in Christ and His simplicity right on target again. Long enough to see the course that Jesus has charted for my life without the distraction of constant noise that subliminally unnerves me on Facebook.

talking headsIt’s easy to move in the ebb and flow of Facebook, in the transitional waters that try to take me down into various currents. The grace current, the political current, the prophetic current, left-wing, right-wing, constant images, atheists, agnostics, progressives, liberals, evangelicals, new age and more. I unplug or I will lose myself in the process. It’s true, you know. And, that is what I did – at least for a while.

Facebook is a never-ending series of words and images that seem to be going nowhere for me. For me, maybe not for you. The waters are always moving to the next trend of belief and they are always trying to shift people. At this time in my life, I want to stand secure on the rock of Christ Jesus. Him alone. My voice sounds forth as I stand on a sure foundation, not one that is rocky, shaky or moving erratically with the times. There is no safety or security outside of Christ.

The foundation of my life:

Way Truth LifeJohn 14:6
Jesus said to him, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Jesus is the way. He is the name above all names and the way to Father God. He is the way – not Allah, Buddha, not Confucius. He is my way, my truth, my life.

To make this claim, as He did, is either lunacy or the simplicity of truth. I believe He is truth, in its ultimate simplicity that makes a person believe or walk away.

He is love.
He is light.
He is life.

I am fully committing myself to this reality again in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong. I never stopped believing this. He is the way. Yet, amidst the constant noise of social media and the world at large, it’s easy to get lost in its flow. My voice sounds forth with clarity, despite any opposition. His way flowing through my life – no other way. No other life, outside of Christ. This truth being revived in my heart opens up a door into which I walk, again. Where do I find myself? In a broad place of life and light. In Christ. In Him I live and move and have my being.

Future posts will flow from this reality – with challenge, confrontation, love, simplicity, life. My life reached a point where I must affirm this reality in my writing. It never is popular. One can easily see that. But, I never was popular anyway. Why start now? It’s easy to lose your life and voice if you’re not careful.

DebraIn Christ

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