One Way: A Door Opens Into A Broad Place

Jesus said to him, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. (John 14:6 NKJVS)

The beauty revealed in this truth opens a wide door, allowing me to step onto a path of revelation. In exploring the depths of Jesus Christ, a way opens into adventure and exploration. Yet, it all starts with the beauty of a simple revelation. Get the basics down and the rest just seems to fall into place. That is where I am today. Getting back to the basics of simplicity in Christ.

JesusJesus is the way. If I ignore the simplicity of this revelation, I only keep searching and searching for something newer, bigger, better, or trendier.

Jesus is the way. This truth is quite controversial, yet it stands despite anything that attempts to bring it down.

There are other paths, other ways, yet over time, they prove to be just illusions. Why? Jesus Himself says, “I am the way.”

Reactions to this statement are quite diverse and varied.

Fear is a liarFear opens a door to questions. “Will I really be accepted if I walk in this way? Am I okay? Or am I being set up, deceived? Will this simple truth prove itself out in time or will it just fade as an illusion?” There is no fear in perfect love in Christ. In the midst of our discouragement and disillusionment, He can handle our fears Just talk to Him. He is truth. He is the way. One is not turned away as they call upon Him.

Anger within an individual lashes out at the Way. Vehemently opposed to anything that they perceive will cramp their lifestyle, they detest any mention of Jesus. Many want to kill Him again or put Him in a box of conventionality. Their voice cries out: “Are you kidding? Who are you to tell me that there is only one way? How ignorant of a supposition that in the diversity of this universe, there is only one way?” At the sound of this statement, people get so angry, furious, outraged. The dust settles through it all and Jesus still stands solid and sure.

There is also a cultural abhorrence to the reality of Jesus being the way to the Father. He is truth. He is the way. He (the person of Christ, not religion) hinders progressive, modernistic thought, which believes the simplicity of Christ to be outdated and behind the times. So many want Jesus to be socially acceptable, tolerant of anything and everything. Many desire Jesus to be more tolerable and more socially acceptable. But, that doesn’t work. Jesus, in His time, was controversial and radical. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the way. Again, the dust settles and He stands solid and sure.

The intellectuals find His truth abrasive to their reality. Knowledge is supreme to them. This God-Man-King distorts and challenges theories and their intellect. Condescension raises its head when confronted with this simple truth. “Oh really? You don’t really believe this do you?” Simple statements that mock Jesus abound. Again, the dust settles and Jesus overrides all current trends and cultural norms revealing Himself as the way, the truth and the life.

Despite all attempts to destroy this truth over time, this truth stands. As a Christian, I live, move, and have my being in this truth, the person of Christ.

Jesus. He rejects no one, loves everyone, extends grace and mercy to all, and changes lives. He is forming my voice in a new way. In this truth, my life finds a solid sure foundation. There is no compromise in this for me. Future posts will continue to be formed in the reality of Christ.

Are we, as Christians, aware that in Christ there is a wide open door to live in the Kingdom, here and now? I walk through this door, the person of Christ, for a glorious salvation and I am on a new adventure of revelation and experience in the reality of His kingdom.

DebraIn Christ,

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