Hiddenness: Lessons Learned – Moving On!

I believe we are all getting the picture on being hidden in plain sight. Before I write on some new topics, I want to share with you below some great closing thoughts from my husband Marvin.

I had something happen to me when my job took me on a short-term assignment in Atlanta. One day, I felt that God was leading me to visit a church in the Atlanta area and that He would show me which one as I stepped out in faith and just started driving. So, I got in my car and started driving. I felt God say to get off at a certain exit and go to the church that would be right there when I got off the freeway.

Much to my surprise, I exited the freeway, stopped at the stop sign, and directly at an angle to me was a church that was scheduled to have a meeting within fifteen minutes. As I pulled into the parking area, God gave me a word to give to the Pastor of the church. God also told me that I could not give the word unless the Pastor directly recognized me.

I got out of my car and entered the church. I sat in the middle aisle seat in the third row. Maybe I did this subconsciously so that I would be somewhat assured that at least the Pastor would see me. Let me also say, that as I entered the church, no one greeted me or even said hello. I sat there as a new guest waiting for the service to start.

The worship started and the Pastor came out on the platform. He began to pray specifically for certain things to happen. These were the exact words God gave me to speak to the Pastor that day. I almost fell out of my seat. I wanted to jump up shout, but I waited patiently to see what would happen.

The Pastor made eye contact with me several times. As much as I wanted to make myself seen by going forth, all I could do was sit and wait to be recognized. That never happened. No one even asked if there were any visitors that day.

Now I guess you could say that since there must have been over three hundred people in the service that day, it was easy for the leaders and the Pastor to be focused only on their agenda, never listening to God that perhaps He wanted to do something different. I may agree with you but before you make that final statement, let me add something.

Again, remember, I was at a church in the Deep South (Atlanta, Georgia) that I never knew existed until I got off the freeway. I seated myself in the center aisle seat of the third row directly in front of the pulpit. If being in that position was not enough to be seen as a first time visitor this next fact might be enough to show you how someone can be hidden in plain sight.

Now, I have already said that there were over 300 people in this meeting. Well, out of those 300 people, I was the only light-skinned (white) person in the congregation. I was a white male sitting in an all black congregational meeting in the Deep South. To put it in an old saying: I had to stick out like a sore thumb, yet I was never recognized as being in the meeting. I was in plain sight but hidden from being seen. I was not able to give the answers to the questions being asked in the prayers.

Driving in my car back to my residence, I asked God, “Why was I hidden in plain sight”? God said, “You weren’t hidden. You were in plain sight, but the leaders were blinded because the Pastor had taken ownership of something that I (God) had only lent to him. He was expecting the answers to come in way that he felt they should come. He would not relinquish the pulpit to another.”

Marvin’s example brings a keen awareness that this has happened to us more times that we care to think about. So what now? We see the problem but what now?  Well, there are lessons I learned during this season that have changed my life. Here are a few of them:

  • Wisdom is a most precious commodity today and in the days to come. Wisdom to know when to speak, when to be quiet, when to let things slide, when to confront, when to rest, when to work.
  • My source is in Christ Jesus. In Him I live, move and have my being.
  • Being alone is not the same as being lonely! Get out of the mix. Unplug. Get away from people. Be quiet in the presence of God.
  • Don’t ever be swept up in a massive amount of information as it dulls the senses. Purify your media diet. Restrict your diet to that which gives you life and enhances the person God created you to be.
  • Relationships will blossom during this time but this time, they will grow in depth because the real you is coming forth, not the you that you thought you were, others thought you were, etc. It’s such a good thing.

Those are just a few things. It’s a good day………….a very good day.

DebraIn Christ,

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