Creativity and Kingdom In Christ: Focus in 2015

Open DoorMy journey in 2015 will focus on creativity in Christ within a revelation of kingdom. Creativity has its source in Christ Jesus. John 1:3 says, “All things were made through Him and without Him, nothing was made that was made.” The Message says it like this, “Everything was created through Him; nothing – not one thing! – came into being without Him.”

Creativity – speak the word and many view it as abstract, ethereal, or something given to those who are a bit quirky and odd, right brain thinkers. In Christ, in union with Him we are His creative expression in the earth today. Therefore, as Christians, we are creative as Holy Spirit gives us revelation, direction, images, dreams, words and more. Holy Spirit reveals Christ in and to us so that we manifest Christ through us. It’s really quite simple. Within a changing culture, creativity will arise to show forth Jesus Christ, giving Him center stage in all we do for Him.

Jesus captured people’s attention through creative miracles, through creative stories, in creative methods that were unusual and radical. As I begin to mediate on this, it is just the tip of the iceberg. I am so passionate about this journey. Holy Spirit is leading me to some great stuff to get a handle on this – books, articles, images and so much more. I want to run ahead and start flowing in this right now but it’s better to start after Christmas into the New Year. Right now I am basically thinking out loud and processing some general thoughts.

Ladder to skyCreativity can seem somewhat shallow to many in the church (or even the culture) at large. In light of other noble endeavors that reach out in practical ways to help the poor or those marginalized in society, creativity can seem a bit self-centered and irrelevant. Creativity is looked upon as a bit superfluous when measured against social justice programs that build orphanages or participating in protests or any number of more practical ways. If I don’t actually spend time to think through why God gives me a passion for creativity in the Body of Christ, I can easily go another way, somehow thinking what I do is not as important.

Yet, my passion is creativity in Christ. And with that passion, questions consistently stir around me like a whirlwind. I am hungry to see how this will manifest for the glory of  Jesus Christ.

Why is creativity important to the Body of Christ?

How can one create a place (physically in location; online?) where Christ is glorified through various methods of expression? Jesus used many creative methods to convey His message. Right now people are basically used to a word environment YET this rising generation is image oriented. How can we bring the Gospel forth in various diverse mediums that hold power and anointing in the context of truth?

How to mentor people in creativity so that they take what is imparted to them and create, giving Christ the glory through whatever medium they choose to use? (I mean it goes beyond someone just painting adjacent to a stage during a conference. How to mentor creative people in Scripture through a creative approach so creatives can be inspired to create as they gaze upon and focus on Christ Jesus.)

Here begins my journey and I hope you will follow me in 2015. It proves to be a creative year with things coming that I don’t even see right now. I love adventure and spontaneity in the journey. I also hope that many of you reading this will comment with your own thoughts on your creative process and more. I am excited to begin but when I get like this, I tell myself to not run ahead of Holy Spirit, relax and enjoy this Christmas week. Which I will…………..

DebraIn Christ

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4 thoughts on “Creativity and Kingdom In Christ: Focus in 2015

  1. Just to allow Christ to flow through us allows creativity to flow. It is easy to see that the “world” wants creativity to not flow. The first thing cut in schools is usually the creative arts. Creativity is in everything we do, everything we say, everything we see…. Flow as Christ leads and creativity will abound in us.

  2. Very stirring subject…creativity! We have so limited the sense of creativity to certain areas that we miss the reality that if we live and move in the Creator of the universe who is the same yesterday today and forever, that as we function, our “output” will always be Creative…the very outflow of his live in and through us. A teacher who depends on the Creator when she prepares her lesson and when she shares with her students is creative as much as is the artist who allows the Creator control of her paint brush or the musician who sits to play a piece of Mozart, or the writer who sits to write. How we have limited the whole sense of creativity to functioning in given areas. Creativity is what something is “composed of” whether original or thousands of years old. Creativity is what fills up an action, the very life of the Creator flowing in and through an action.

    Looking forward to the outflow of the Creator in your life in 2015!

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