Creativity flows from BEING Me, in Christ!


Creativity flows from BEING ME.. in Christ!

In Christ, I live.

With Brave Wings, She Flies

In Christ, I move.


In Christ, I have my being.

I create from my BEING, who I am, even if I don’t yet see the finished product of “Me”. I don’t wait until I arrive at some self-designated point of perfection. I create in the messiness of my life.  I create in the midst of process – my life – changing, growing, as He lives His life through me.

Creativity flows from imperfection. That’s life. I rise above the rubble of my insecurities, doubts, guilt or shame to enjoy the journey each and every day. The alternative to this is just existing, not living. Authenticity takes courage and risk, coming out from behind the mask, in process, not perfect and owning it all as being me – good, bad and otherwise.

The beauty of my humanness shines through as Christ lives His life through this imperfect vessel. In going from glory to glory, I relish the process of being where I am right now, at this moment. It is in this moment, creativity flows in many ways, first and foremost in a creative life, surrendered to Holy Spirit and the spontaneity of adventure.

I am in process, on a journey, a journey in Christ, with Christ – a life not static but dynamic. Day by day, always an adventure into the glory of the revelation of His life flowing through me. Christianity is exceedingly creative, if you just let Him BE in and through you, the way He wants to live His life in you.

When did Christianity ever get so boring for so many? I will unravel the lies that have tried to pull me down into conformity and fear for so long now. I will arise into the freedom that is mine in Christ, and help others to see their creative life in Christ. So here it is January 1, 2015. Happy New Year! The journey begins………

I care not for perfection. I love process and putting myself out there, authentic and real. That is what I can give to a generation younger than me-> a mom, grandma, lover of Jesus, creative, explorer, adventurer, filled with wisdom and failure, able to reach out and not be afraid to make mistakes, wanting to laugh at myself through it all, and hoping that my destiny is intertwined with those younger than myself so that I can give a bit of myself in the process. Creativity in Christ will awaken a generation of Christians who want no part of religion yet are so in love with Jesus that they want to journey in Him and with Him wherever He leads. Until next time.

DebraIn Christ, 

5 thoughts on “Creativity flows from BEING Me, in Christ!

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  2. I like the way you put this Debra! The scripture that came to my mind over and over as I read this was “We have this treasure in earthen clay vessels that the excellency might be of Him.” I find that as I paint, I have no idea of what He is doing as I paint. I just painted a picture and to me it was “lifeless.” But so often we see what we do through the eyes of our own human standards of perfection. Within an hour of finishing the painting I took it to the guy to digitalize it and make print of it. Who knows what I will find when I get it back….and then maybe I won’t find anything in it. It may take other eyes to see Himself in it, maybe my filters are too narrow for Him to get through. I surely don’t have all the answers, like I used to think I did!! LOL! It seems clear this time is one of increased Peace and Joy in Him, the Creator… may it increase to the praise of the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ!!

    • This is a great example of how we see things through perfection. My heart lately is to create right now, in process, learning and growing but not stopping and waiting until all is perfect. It never happens right? Thanks Meri.

      • One of the really neat paintings I did was of a waterfalls. My teacher told me NOT to touch the waterfalls as it was so good. Seeing a small flaw in the water where it crashed into the rocks, I started changing things so the flaw wasn’t seen. That was a lesson I learned hard about “perfection.” Only I saw the flaw and in addressing the flaw I ruined the waterfalls and never did get it to look as good as the original. And not only did I work on it once, I worked on it twice…messing it up worse each time. Really has been a lesson that has penetrated deep into my being. It didn’t help that the painting had already been spoken for in the original form….and I had to keep saying…do you still want it? lol!

      • Ouch – how many of us have made those same mistakes. I was writing and kept editing and editing until, when as I read it back, I had lost the original revelation and beauty of what I wanted to say. I believe to self-edit is a good thing up to a point and then we can tear down what we have built. Thanks for your input Meri.

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