When Words Jump Off The Page

SparkHave you ever been reading a book when suddenly you realize that you are so in sync with the book that it is as if every word resonates within you? The words hold life, move in your being and serve as a confirmation for you, deconstructing any hopelessness you may be feeling inside. Change comes at that moment and you can hope again. The words breathe live into your being. They are an affirmation that the dreams you carry within are real and true, even though it seems like a long time coming.

I was reading “The Artisan Soul” when suddenly, I was so in sync with what I was reading, it was as if I simply could not handle it anymore. I had to back away from the book and go into a time of worship. Creativity and Christianity the subject. That’s my heartbeat, my dream, my passion.

As I worshipped I wanted to grab hold of this reality yet how often had I been disappointed over the years? I want the Body of Christ to get this, to move in this, to live in creativity yet how often did I see myself venture out and then back up because of discouragement. I preached it and sometimes very few people got it or understood it. Churches seem to want the practical, the success, the results. Creativity seems a bit nebulous to many leaders. My worship that day was filled with both hope and fear. Hope that it was real and I would walk in its reality. Fear that it was never going to happen. .

Going in and out of churches over the years consistently showed me that there is usually little creativity abounding in the atmosphere. What do I mean by that? Well, there is the same ole’ program week after week after week. If you are interested read my blog post on Robots and Clones.

SpiralI am not talking about movements or meetings where there has been gold dust or jewels or whatever. I am talking about something new and fresh, a way to move in the Spirit where the atmosphere is charged in creative ways, individually and corporately and you just know it, you just sense it. It takes those attune with Holy Spirit, artisans of the Spirit, to interpret this atmosphere and then to move in it with wisdom and grace and also to grow in it, abdicating control to Holy Spirit. I don’t know how else to say it. I guess I have been trying to relate spiritual terms in practical ways to make this blog more understandable, but I just can’t. I am appealing to those who are people of the Spirit, Holy Spirit – the Spirit who reveals Jesus Christ to us in glorious and expansive ways. That same Jesus who is you and I as Christians, the source of creativity.

Even in writing this blog, I find my self-editor is more concerned with being understood than just writing in the flow. Doing that, I edit and sometimes it just loses its edge. Perhaps I want to minister to the mainstream flow, be understood with a lot of likes, but I have never been like that and being honest with myself, I don’t really want that. I have always been a bit quirky, spiritual and ready and willing to risk moving in Holy Spirit.

Again, in talking about creative atmospheres, I am not talking about charismatic movement type atmospheres. I have been to so many of those. I love them but there is more, so much more. I am talking a corporate infusing of creativity in the Body of Christ, flowing through people and churches. Places of habitations of His glory where creativity flows in tune with the sounds and visions of heaven. I have always considered myself a forerunner but when I really stopped to think about it, I realized I was scared to death of going out on a limb, stepping out ahead of the pack. Yet staying in what is comfortable left me frustrated, bored and discouraged. You may want to read my last blog post.

So, now I want to write by Holy Spirit even if some don’t initially get it. And, yes, I have a strong Scriptural foundation, which grounds me to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. How to move alongside Holy Spirit to create those atmospheres? Perhaps you already know of some, or are actually in places where there is a strong undercurrent of creativity taking place. I have not seen many in my lifetime.

What happens when an undercurrent of creativity flows within a people and within a Body, and within the church? I believe this is what I wanted in Finland with all my heart. It did not happen there and that’s okay but the dream is still alive in me. Let me mull over this for a day or two and I will be back to blog about Jesus + glory + creative atmospheres + creative people =? I believe I have seen creative atmospheres. I believe I have seen creative people moving independently in a church. But what about when the two come in sync in synergy…isn’t creativity, His glory, and His power greater in groups coming together? Synergy = greater than the sum of separate efforts. Lots to talk about here. Let me do some thinking.

DebraIn Christ

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3 thoughts on “When Words Jump Off The Page

  1. Well spoken! If the “church” preached or taught the creativity of Christ in us, I believe the people would begin to move in greater measures. Is the reason that the “church” does not teaching the creativity of Christ in us because they feel they will loose people when they begin to move in greater measures?

  2. Hi Debra
    Love your blog, have been reading Erwin’s book, understand every word of this beautiful process and… I am so glad you both keep on ‘traveling’ on this bold and exiting ‘road’!
    Blessings and have a great 2015!

    • Thanks so much Rob. Means a lot. I am sitting for hours and praying about what is easily seen from a distance, yet how to get there one step at a time. Walking in humility and grace so that God alone gets the glory. Church is God’s creative habituation for His glory yet we fall so far short of that……..we need leaders, artisans of the Spirit, who can steward a creative move of God….hands off by His Spirit. I, for one, am read. Perhaps one day we can meet and see what new ideas we can receive. Have a wonderful day.

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