A Whirlwind Obstructing Truth

Sometimes I feel there is a whirlwind in front of me. It blocks my vision of the truth of who I am in Christ, a new creation. Being a visual learner and seeing things in pictures, I sketch things out as I am thinking. So here’s my sketch to show you how I began to pray through this obstacle of feeling like a fraud at times.

New Creation in Christ This is ME facing a whirlwind of accusations. On the other side of the whirlwind, there is truth in Christ. In reality, that truth is already inside of me in Christ. It is my existing reality but it is undergoing an attack, a pervading attack trying to undermine some things. It’s easy to see in this picture what is happening here. There is a continual attack, trying to erode my identity in Christ. It tries to redefine me. It is confusing and pervasive but it is only an illusion because in Christ, I am a new creation. I AM a NEW CREATION.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV)

 In this verse, “new” means ‘new in quality’ not in “form”. This Debra that I am, being in Christ, is a new person. I am physically the same but something is entirely different. I am new in time because of Christ. This is not just because of what I believe but because I am in Christ. He defines my life. He is my life. That is something I must grasp to fight off these accusations of being an impostor or a fraud.

These accusations seek to redefine me and challenge the outline of my existence in Him. They can’t really do this but they try continually. There is a battle we face with evil heavenly forces that lie to try to pull us out of sync with our identity. They try, but they actually can’t because no matter how real they feel they are only an illusion. The truth, the simple reality is that in my glorious salvation, I AM a new creation in Christ.

Here’s another picture that I sketched out as I was thinking.

To DefineHere is how accusations try to re-define you:

  • To fix or mark the limits of life.
  • To determine of identity the essential quality or meaning of my life.
  • To show the shape, outline or edge of something.

This evil resistance tries to form me into its image because it hates the fact that I am in Christ, a daughter of the King. It wants to try to keep me from actually walking in that reality for that reality transforms my life as I go from glory to glory to glory in Christ.

Christ defines me. My life is hidden in Him. He is my life. He lives His life through me.

Here is what Jesus says to me in response to the points above:

  • As the enemy seeks to restrict and confine you, or to mark his set limits of failure, I expand you in my life, which has no limits. I have a great plan and a great future for you in Me. In Me, eternity has no borders and righteousness, peace, and joy are your reality.
  • The essence of your life is hidden in Me. I determine your path for I am the way and my ways are perfectly formed for you for I knew you before you were born. I know your moments, your life’s qualities, your point in time. I know you right NOW.
  • You are my masterpiece, perfectly formed in Me in the midst of all your imperfections. I am working on you as a Master Artist forms His prized possession. Follow me in life for in living and moving and having your being in ME, I continually shape and form you in time in the reality of being a new creation in Me. You are beautifully created and wonderfully formed in Me. You bring heaven to earth in the Holy Spirit always stretching the horizons of your life with revelation.

I am a new creation. The lies of my being an impostor, keeping me tethered to any failure are simply that – lies. I learn from my mistakes but I go on, not willing to be tied to the past for the past is gone. The future looks glorious as I look at my new identity and walk in it day by day as Christ leads the way. So when I encounter times of accusation, I walk through the whirlwind for I know what is on the other side.

DebraIn Christ,

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4 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Obstructing Truth

  1. Lahotar says ‘All those that brought truth to humanity were made ready over eons of time n knew they’d suffer persecution. Things haven’t changed much’. So the truth is sometimes a challenge, even when it provides answers. But something that challenges us changes us

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