That Thing That Stands In The Way

Took this quote from a post by Don Milan on Facebook. It is so good.

“There must be, and, if we are honest, there always will be at least one situation in our lives that we cannot fix, control, explain, change, or even understand. For Jesus and for his followers, the crucifixion became the dramatic symbol of that necessary and absurd stumbling stone.” (Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life)

crossIn our lives there is always something that just stands “there,” right in our path, an obstacle in our field of vision. Its sound is one of mockery and accusation. It constantly reminds us of our failure,  if we allow the enemy to portray it as such. Don’t we all face this?

Yet the redemptive loving power and grace of God takes that which seems utterly out of our control and anoints it for his glory in our lives. Yet, it may still rise up in our peripheral vision at times attempting to position us in the past. We are no longer there.

As Graham Cooke speaks about – we are present-future, not present-past.

The cross of Christ in all its glory defies the wisdom of the ages with the sound of total redemption and freedom to live, move and have our being in Christ in total freedom. Present-future. Life is good!

DebraIn Christ,

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