Don’t Turn A Suddenly Into A Settle!

For years, prophetic voices cried out, “Suddenly…” Things turning, changing, shifting and moving – suddenly. When we least expect it or when something takes us by surprise, situations change or doors open – suddenly. Suddenly, hope deferred, which has made many of our hearts sick or discouraged, is restored. Our vision clears and we don’t feel so left behind or out of the mix. Suddenly, we are in the flow of the Spirit again.

Rear View Mirror SkyIn worship and prayer this morning, I found myself inquiring of God about a door in ministry that suddenly and recently opened for me. What I heard Him say, quite honestly, astounded me. He spoke to the deep well within me.

“Just as I open doors to show you how suddenly I can move in your life……you turn a suddenly into a settle……when I have not called you to settle into the suddenly. The anointing infusing a suddenly is not the anointing for a settle.”

I got it. I was gazing upon the suddenly as if it were a place for me to hunker down, to join up and to be part of something for God’s purpose. God was saying, “Not yet.” This suddenly, an open door to minister, anointed me to flow in power and strength for that particular time. Having been in the wilderness for so long, I wanted it to be more. It isn’t. It’s just a suddenly to assure me that He has His eyes on me at all times. I am in process and still moving forward in time to another location, another position, both spiritually and physically.

I am speaking prophetically to people who are waiting for that moment where dreams are realized in the natural and promises are breaking though from years of waiting on God. These ‘suddenlies’ are moments of God assuring us that there is so much more coming BUT God is working a work within us – greater healing in our lives.

PaintbrushThis confirmed so much within my heart. I wanted to settle into my suddenly, finding my position or place in community but that was not the purpose of the suddenly, this open door from the Lord. It’s purpose was assurance and affirmation on all fronts.

While driving along the Pacific the other day. God broke my heart. Going quite deep, He brought to mind leaders that have cursed me with words that hit my heart so hard and caused great wounding. I simply forgave, and continue to forgive. I wept so hard, I had to pull over to the far right lane to keep focused on driving. I am not sure why I did not stop but I didn’t as the tears flowed. All of this came on the heels of moving powerfully in the anointing of ministry  which just goes to show us that it is NOT about us at all. Something broke in me and something changed that day……suddenly!

I get it God. I am not going to turn this suddenly into a settle. I know you are showing me that these deep dreams and promises will be fulfilled in greater ways than I could ever conceive or expect. As for right now, I concentrate on the journey. The by-product of all of this – my vision cleared considerably because I eliminated a choice that I deemed in my own wisdom as a place to settle when I am just passing through.

Any of you prophetic people out there understanding this and how it may apply to you?

DebraIn Christ,

I would love to speak at your conference, gathering, church or home group. Contact me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Enjoy reading about Rivers of Eden and the Timeline of our Life!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Turn A Suddenly Into A Settle!

  1. This was a good word.  We can not settle down for long periods of time, because God is always desiring to move us on to higher ground.  Paul the Apostle was changed on the road to Damascus.  A vision of the risen Jesus changed his whole life.  I continue to pray often for you and Marvin and for your time in Africa.  Love you both!Pat

  2. Wow, what an awesome revelation! So many, without truly knowing they are doing it, will experience a suddenly and then stop, stand still or sit in the pew grasping continuously to the suddenly. What came to my mind as I read this was the teaching drilled into us to keep us going that was stated as “God will give you the small things to see you can handle them before giving you the big things.After reading this revelation from you, I would now spiritually re-word that to say “When God suddenly gives you a small thing to handle, do not become so focused on handling the small things that you become settled. We should be handling the small things as we faithfully be ready to receive the big things. We can not allow ourselves to become settled with the small things when we know God has said bigger things shall come. We take the small things and handle the small things all the while ready to receive the bigger things so that we can let go of the small things.

    If you/we, after so many years of praying for a release, look at the openings that have happened suddenly allow us to settle in, then we miss out on the bigger things to come. We can not settle in on any suddenly unless we truly hear God say it is type to buckle down and settle. We will accept and handle the suddenly with our eyes and ears opened spiritually for the next bigger suddenly.

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