Move In The Unforced Rhythms of His Grace

Enjoy this post on walking in the rest of God!


ImageThe Reality:

Time itself moves forward. Each day can be filled with hope and expectation. Unfortunately, it can also be a place filled with uncertainty and fear. I have been in both places in time. But I want to address the latter in this blog. Those times when you sense that time itself is passing you by. Time moves and everyone around you is moving in it but you sense that you are hidden, obscure or unseen. When faced with this reality one day, I determined to take back time on my terms and to control its movement and flow in my life. How? I lived from an inner resolve that said “I will”. I will study more. I will make things happen. I will not sit still. I will. I will. Because of this, my life became fragmented into manageable parts that actually lacked life. I became tired and…

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