Chutzpah – Boldness, Guts, Nerve

Chutzpah- noun – audacity, cheek, guts, nerve, boldness, temerity.

Courage is desperately needed in these times. Courage to know when to speak and when to be silent. When to stay in the flow and when to stir it up in a different direction.

Wisdom fuels courage to move in power. Its sound resonates in power, crashing into current trends of conformity and tolerance.  Persecution suddenly shows up on all fronts to tear down what wisdom is trying to build up.

courageWhen one confronts in truth, those hiding within a comfort zone of lies, delusion, or ignorance don’t like being challenged. I like to stay engaged in the forefront of truth in Christ. I don’t follow current trends of thought that flow outside of Christ. They are nothing more than shifting shadows on the landscape of cultural conformity.

I always remind myself to speak truth in love and with wisdom. Anything else is easily discarded as background noise, pushed to the side. Aside from those always wanting to pick an argument or stir up division, people at least want to be listened to and respected. So truth in wisdom does not barging in, even though it may not be wanted. Truth stands right in the middle of lies and speaks forth a sound that is clear. Truth does not qualify, justify to prove a point. It is truth. Truth is the person of Christ and He does not need to prove anything.

The enemy, for many years, has tried to kill my voice and silence me on many levels. It was confirmed by a woman at a conference recently who came across the aisle, laid hands on me and confirmed this with the same words.

A voice for God is tempered in time to flow in wisdom, grace, peace and love. It took years to heal my heart, restore purpose, and form me as pliable and obedient in the hands of God. I am always in journey but I am a bit further down the road at this point. I am a truth speaker. The years have taught me how to say it right, expect opposition and stand strong, even in silence. Truth has this funny way of lasting amidst all opposition that comes against it.

All of us are meant to get into the flow of who we are created to be. Find the sound that God has placed deep within your being and don’t hold back. We truly are meant to be a voice, not an echo.

I am finding mine. Deborah in Scripture was an agitator. I have tried to be a nice girl, a good girl until one day God said to me “Stop being a good girl and be the woman I have created you to be.’

Amen to that. I like to stir it up and now I can do it with absolute love and mercy but stir it up nonetheless. This is a new day. Tomorrow’s post about Deborah in Scripture is a good one. Stay tuned.

DebraIn Christ, Debra

I would love to speak at your conference, gathering, church or home group. Contact me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Enjoy reading about Rivers of Eden and the Timeline of our Life!

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