My Church – Pay Attention and Regain Focus

Prophetic word by Jane Hamon posted on July 14, 2015:

During a time of prayer on Sunday morning I felt the Lord said the following to encourage His people in times of shaking. What do you hear the Lord saying?

cropped-cropped-shutterstock_38863681-11.jpg“I am asking My Church to pay attention in this season and regain her focus. For I am unfolding My Kingdom purposes in these days of shaking. Nothing takes Me by surprise! I am still on My throne and am still stirring My Church to an Awakening! Do not fear!!

“Haven’t I been speaking to you that My Church is living in the days of Isaiah 60: When darkness covers the earth & deep darkness covers the people… but have I not also promised that in the midst of that darkness I will rise on My Church and My glory will be seen on My Church? ….Then nations will come to that light and kings will come to the brightness of your rising! Do not fear!!

“Have I not also declared that I would turn the curse to a blessing for you because I love you? I have declared a time for Divine Reversals for you when I would turn things around for you. I am able to turn your mourning to dancing and your sorrow to joy! Do not fear!

live-with-passion-cuff-sterling-silver“You may see things in the earth getting darker, even shaking further …but My glory and power are arising for My people as never before. The darkness is growing darker but the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that is shining brighter and brighter to the full day! Do not fear!!

“This is a time which I have spoken of in which I would bring a distinction between those who are Christians in name only but deny the truth, power and practice of My Word, and those who are trusting Me, being conformed to My image and believing My truth will make them free. I am challenging your concepts of being a part of the American Church vs. being a part of the Kingdom Church! It is a time for stepping up your commitment to Me and choosing in to My Kingdom as never before. Do not fear!

“So do not be distracted by all that goes on around you. Stay focused! Stay determined! Remember what I have said to you! Never doubt in the dark what you heard in the light! It’s time for an Awakening! Your greatest days are ahead! Do not fear!”

Jane Hamon

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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